Halsey accused of ripping off Lady Gaga and Jonas Brothers songs

There have been many instances where songs sounded similar to other songs that came before them. And right now Halsey is under scrutiny and is being accused of apparently copying a Lady Gaga, a Jonas Brothers, and a Harry Styles Song.

Halsey just released her newest single, Finally // beautiful stranger, one of the tracks of her new single Manic. She has also released her collaboration with BTS titled SUGA’s Interlude.

After listening to Finally Beautiful Stranger, some people surmised that it sounded familiar. Some people went to Twitter and said that Halsey’s new track sounds like Lady Gaga’s You And I while others said that her new song sounds like a rip off of Cool by the Jonas Brothers. If you listen to Halsey’s new single followed by Lady Gaga’s You And I, they do sound vaguely similar to one another at times.

If you line up Finally // beautiful stranger, You And I, and Cool, there are similarities in the beat and tone of the song, though the Jonas Brothers track does sound a little bit different than the Halsey and Lady Gaga songs which lends credence to why fans online are butting heads about Halsey’s new release.

Other people, on the other hand, compared Finally // beautiful stranger to Harry Styles’ Two Ghosts.

Whenever instances like these happen, there will always be people on opposing sides with a portion of the people siding with how there are only so many notes and cords that sometimes it can’t be helped if certain songs sound familiar to each other. While others just full-on rip apart the artist for ‘not being original’. Although there are people who are in the middle who say that sure, the music does sound similar to each other to a degree, but the more important thing is the lyrics and message of that specific song that matters most.

At the end of the day besides having songs sounding similar to one another, there is another similarity between Halsey and the other artists that she apparently ‘ripped off’ of. They are all artists that create music that we all enjoy and appreciate. Sometimes people forget that we should care more about the art and performance rather than bickering online on who ripped off who or if someone is not being original. At the end of the day, music is music and everyone (or most people) enjoy and appreciate it.

Enjoy Halsey’s new track below!

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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