#BillieEilishIsOver trended on Twitter after Billie Eilish dissed Lady Gaga

Last week, Billie Eilish was scrutinized online for not knowing who Van Halen was when she appeared in Jimmy Kimmel Live!

But now netizens have found a new reason to be upset at the pop star. A couple of days ago she apparently dissed a more recent and more contemporary artist. Everything started on social media, as it always does.

A Lady Gaga fan posted a video on Twitter of Eilish and her brother talking about Grammy fashion that was apparently ‘outdated’. During her interview with Kimmel, the seventeen-year-old singer mentioned that she watched the Grammys every single year and critiqued all the women’s outfits as she grew up.

The young pop star mentioned the same opinion again in her on-screen chat with her brother as the siblings started talking about old iconic Grammys fashion which landed the two talking about Lady Gaga’s infamous meat dress with Eilish reacting with a ‘yikes!’ that had people swirling in the internet.

People have since speculated whether Eilish’s reaction was because the interviewer got the facts wrong since it was in fact, not in the Grammys or maybe because Eilish is a known vegan. No matter how the young singer interpreted the iconic 2010 moment, it sparked an all-out online onslaught between Billie Eilish fans and Lady Gaga fans.

After the initial posting of the video on Twitter that seemed innocent enough, the situation just got out of hand. Fans from both artists started to flame not only the ‘opposition’s’ artist but the fans themselves and within minutes, the hashtag #BillyEilishIsOverParty trended worldwide on Twitter.

Eilish wasn’t the only artist that reacted to Lady Gaga’s dress. A Twitter user tweeted an old photo of Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Jaden Smith, and Kesha all reacting shocked when Lady Gaga came out with her meat dress. Though, Rihanna looked way more amused that baffled in the photo if you look closely.

What’s more shocking than Gaga’s iconic 2010 fashion moment at the VMA’s is that her meat dress looks just as good as the day Lady Gaga wore it almost a decade ago and is currently in exhibition at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It was apparently converted into jerky and has been encased in a temperature-controlled case.

Lady Gaga turned a lot of heads and sparked a lot of discussions back in 2010, and in an interview with Ellen back in the day, the singer said that it had a lot of interpretations. For her that specific day, it’s her standing up for what she believes in and is a sign to fight for people’s rights, signifying that she was not a piece of meat.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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