The Tin Man or Silver Surfer? Kanye goes out in public in all silver

People were shocked to see Kanye West in weird silver baggy clothes and silver paint all over his body.

Ye has been in the Art Basel in Miami Florida at this moment who is about to premiere his new Christian opera titled ‘Mary’ and it seems that the now Christian rapper and other people are going to be involved in the performance itself having silver paint covering their entire body.

According to West’s premise of his opera, it is safe to assume that the story will revolve around the Nativity story where the Virgin Mary is visited by an angel and tells her that she will be bearing the child of God in Bethlehem.

West’s first attempt at producing an opera titled Nebuchadnezzar which debuted in the Hollywood Bowl a month ago didn’t quite get the feedback that they wanted, generating mixed reviews from those who had seen it. A lot of people were disappointed from the long wait for the opera to start to its short-lived and quick performance to even the rapper not even performing on-stage and just became the narrator.

People online are now speculating what the silver attires and silver body paint meant. Some people thought that maybe that they would be the stars in the night sky guiding the three wise men towards Jesus’ manger. Others just labeled the rapper’s antics as a normally insane stunt. You know, Kanye West doing Kanye West things. While some are trying to put on their online detective hat, a lot of people, mostly on Twitter had started trolling Kanye about this latest stunt, memeing him to kingdom come.

West recently had a successful event at Pastor Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church service last month where the two collaborated and presented West’s Jesus is King to the churchgoers there and people who were watching around the world.

The rapper has had an odd 2019 thus far, being less aggressive and volatile after he apparently turned to God that sparked this entire quest of serving the Lord, dishing out albums that are Christian-themed and going around the United States with his choir to spread the word as it were.

No matter what it means many of his fans waiting for the new opera are hoping that it would turn out better than his first attempt in Los Angeles. Who knows, maybe it’s a Nativity-Wizard of Oz crossover. Jokes aside, people are anticipating the rapper’s next entertaining move.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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