Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans acquires Ted Bundy “murder kit”

Zak Bagans is at it again with his weird and creepy antics. The Ghost Adventures star has just told TMZ that he had just procured a lot of serial killer Ted Bundy’s homicidal personal effects from a detective who had worked on the Bundy case decades ago, in which the proverbial icing on the cake is Bundy’s “murder kit”.

This grisly haul for the paranormal show host’s purchase includes a flashlight, a brown gym bag, a pair of gloves, orange wiring, trash bags, bed sheet strips that Bundy used to tie up his victims, and the most ‘precious’ items, the serial killer’s infamous ski mask and red ice pick.

Detective Jerry Thompson kept Bundy’s things after the serial killer was caught back in 1975 until Thompson’s wife sold the items to Bagans.

Besides Bundy’s personal effects, Bagans also told TMZ that he also bought paraphernalia from Bundy’s trial like audio tapes, photographs, documents, and evidence samples that will find its way to the Ghost Adventures star’s haunted museum in Las Vegas where it will be showcased to the public for the first time.

TMZ also reported earlier that Bagans paid $50 thousand for Ted Bundy’s glasses that he used to conceal himself from the police. Bagans stated that he wanted to showcase Bundy’s disturbing history so people can learn that monsters walk among us.

Bagans has been a regular on the news when it comes to the weird and creepy. The paranormal show star and enthusiast opened his own “Haunted Museum” where it opened its doors in October of 2017 to the public. Many occult and cursed objects and relics call his museum their home, like Peggy the Doll, the Dybbuk Box, the Devil’s Rocking Chair, among others. People who have visited the museum has shared that they have experienced weird things both physical and emotional distress during their stay at the museum.

Another interesting escapade by the Ghost Adventures star is that he got sick investigating the house that The Conjuring was based on for their show’s Halloween special. Bagans claimed that he got so sick it took him three weeks to fully recover from the ordeal.

Just earlier this year, Bagans bought the infamous LaBianca House where the Manson family brutally murdered its residents. Back in 2016, Bagans purchased the infamous Ammons House, widely known for its demonic activity but decided to demolish it, stating that he did not want anyone to live in it every again during an old interview with Dread Central.

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Alain Ang
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