Getting married with your kids by your side- delegate to be present

Having your kids by your side as you get married is a beautiful addition to a significant day in all of your lives. As a family that is joining and growing, a lot can be said about the emotions leading up to this big event for children especially as well as for the bride and groom.

Needless to say, getting married and the time leading up to the wedding is a busy time, even more, when you already have kids. Whether it’s a big glamorous wedding that you have planned or a smaller intimate wedding with close friends and family, the planning and thought that goes into creating an event that runs smoothly cannot be underestimated.

From minute, seemingly insignificant details to big decisions such as location, date, and choosing your bridal party, a lot of pressure is placed on the bride and groom for months leading up to this one day.

In this article, we look at how you can thoughtfully help yourself in advance by reducing some of the stress on your wedding day to help you be present with your family, and ways that can ensure each one of you has a memorable positive experience to start this new chapter as a family.

Have fewer worries by getting a professional helpA bride having her makeup done because she has her kids at her wedding and needs to delegate.

By delegating tasks that are to be done on the wedding day itself, you can significantly reduce the stress you experience. By hiring a bridal makeup artist and hair stylist, you will save more time than you realise, on the day and also leading up to it as you won’t need to learn how to do it yourself.

Why is hiring a professional wedding hairdresser and makeup artist a good idea?

  • There’s no need for you to spend hours deciding on and practicing your wedding day hair and makeup look. Even when you’re skilled with makeup application and hairstyling, it is still better to have someone do this for you on your wedding day. Aside from the convenience, it provides you, you will also have more time to focus on other important things such as your vows or your lovely message to your soon-to-be husband, as well as giving your attention to your kids when they need it.
  • Having the hair and makeup artist do all the makeup and hairstyling is time-efficient. On your wedding day, it is very critical to be on time. When you’re running late, it may have knock on effects for the succeeding events you have scheduled for the day. This is why entrusting your wedding hair and makeup to an experienced stylist saves a lot of time. You’ll be ready right on schedule for the wedding ceremony.
  • There’s no need to buy expensive hair and makeup products.  Professional makeup artists come prepared with the tools and products they need to help you look incredible, from lashes to the foundation right for your skin, be sure to let them know if you have specific products that you want to use on the day. Most stylists offer a trial of your wedding hair and makeup leading up to your day, this way you can experience their work and can see for yourself how you look with your chosen style, thereby giving you an opportunity to alter things if need be.
  • The best part of having someone do your wedding hair and makeup is the convenience overall. When you hire a professional hair and makeup artist, you simply have to describe to them what look you would like for your wedding. Since they have experience in this field, they can surely recommend what they think would work best and then you can collaborate together to find your perfect wedding look.

Make your wedding memorable for your kids even if it’s a small registry wedding

Even when you have a small registry wedding, kids still feel excited over it because it’s a significant event in their lives. For them, it’s a big event, overwhelming, and exciting regardless of the size of the wedding. Make it memorable by getting their own hair and makeup done too. Whether you have girls or boys, getting them pampered will make them feel special and an important part of the wedding. They will also remember this event because of the good feeling that they have experienced.

The groom needs pampering tooA groom being pampered at his wedding because he is getting married with kids.

Although the groom may say he doesn’t need this, having someone do his hair and beard is a luxury experience getting him all ready for the day with a confidence boost from knowing he looks great. He can also get a different hairstyle having something different on his special day if he’s feeling up for it!

Bridal party hair and makeup

There is not right or wrong way to go about organising the bridal party hair and makeup, you can ask the bridesmaids to do their own hair and makeup or pay for them to have it done when you do, either way, consider getting ready together and making a thing of it. Include your children in it too if you see fit, that way they can feel part of the day from the very get go, probably having the time of their lives too!

In conclusion

Small registry weddings continue to increase in popularity and trend, perhaps with all the changes with restrictions in recent times, it allows for more flexibility than hosting a larger event. Regardless of the size of your wedding, there is a lot to think about with decisions here and there, both big and small. Most of your decisions will be made prior to your wedding day itself, however your big day can also carry with it lots of big emotions, for you as well as your kids. Consider that delegating tasks to be done on your wedding day such as your wedding hair and makeup as well as that of your kids and your groom, this will take a big load off of you on your wedding day so that you can be present, enjoy and really take in the significance on your wedding with the added confidence of absolutely loving the way that you look with stunning hair and makeup.

Jade Brown
Jade Brown
I am passionate about all things hair and makeup. I have run a thriving agency of talented mobile hair and makeup artists in Sydney for some years now, specialising in weddings and events but also for every day mobile hairdresser and makeup appointments. Happy to spread some tips on helping women and men love the way they look and feel incredible with gorgeous hair and makeup for events or just because!
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