Top 10 failsafe ways to pick the perfect bridal accessories

Every bride wants to look flawlessly on her wedding day. A perfect way to achieve that fairy-tale-princess-like look is by taking your time and carefully considering all the wedding details. That includes deciding on your style first, choosing the perfect dress, jewelry and bridal accessories as well as shoes, a cover-up and a veil.

There are many things to think about as well as how they match each other. Remember that you need to feel beautiful in whatever accessories you choose for this occasion. In order to have a perfect wedding day, take a look at some little tricks for a stress-free wedding day.

1.   Decide on your style

Establishing your style refers to your overall look – you need to decide whether you want to be a modern-day bride, a boho bride, a vintage-style bride, an unconventional bride, or a princess-like bride. This will help you in the next steps and choosing accessories as well as other bridal features. It’s important to somehow keep being yourself, even though in a bridal edition. You don’t want to risk looking or feeling odd or strange because you’re trying to pull off a style that’s not you. That can easily be reflected in photos, and you want to avoid that, as these photos will remain an everlasting memory of this important day.

2.   Start with the dress

When you have decided on your style, it’s time to start the quest for the perfect wedding dress. Consider different types of dresses – a v-neck dress, a dress with a sheer overlay, a mermaid silhouette dress, a corset dress, or perhaps a tiered skirt dress, and try them on. Opt for the one that best fits your body shape and have the venue in consideration while choosing it. Have your maid of honour and bridesmaids help you in choosing. Remember to take pictures or make a video of you wearing it, so you can always refer to it when deciding on some accessories.

3.   Consider bridal jewelry

Bridal jewelry is what comes after choosing the dress. Now, you can choose it with your wedding gown in mind. If you would like to be a traditional-looking bride, you should consider some earring and necklace sets, pearls or diamonds. The choice of jewelry will highly depend on your wedding dress style. Not all dresses will go well with a necklace or a bracelet, so have that in mind. However, if you prefer to be a modern-day bride, then you can consider such jewelry options. For example, you can search for an ear piercing near me, and have your ears or nose pierced and decorated with some eye-catching stones.

4.   Choose a perfect cover-up

This bridal accessory is not always a must, but in most cases, a bride usually needs one. This is a feature that we sometimes tend to overlook and then we end up wearing a cover-up that we chose at the last minute which is actually not the best fit for our intended look. To avoid this, consider it beforehand. If you’re getting married in autumn or winter, then you should definitely choose a suitable cover-up. Also, if the nights are chilly in the place you’re getting married in. Another reason for a cover-up could be if you have a ceremony at a church or a cathedral.

5.   Find perfect shoes

Bridal shoes should not only look elegant and sophisticated but they should also feel somewhat comfortable as you’re supposed to wear them a large portion of the day. Many brides nowadays opt for some unusual pair of shoes, or a pair of sneakers, as they are usually not seen because of the dress.

6.   Accessorize your hair

When it comes to hairstyle, there are many things we can do with it. Having in mind your overall bridal look, you can choose a suitable hairstyle. All kinds of braids and updos are very popular bridal options. You can accessorize your hair in so many ways. For example, you can consider wearing a flower headpiece, a crystal tiara, shiny pins, and a bridal comb, among other things.

7.   Think about a veil

A veil is an important bridal accessory, and again, there are so many different types. Some brides opt for a cathedral-length veil while others prefer an elbow-length design. What every bride should have in mind when choosing a veil is that it should be of quality material, as otherwise it will look cheap and won’t hang in the way it’s supposed to.

8.   Don’t overlook your nails

Don’t forget to take care of your nails – have them buffed and polished. They will look perfect in that way with an up-close shot of your fingers and ring. Most brides usually go for a classic French tip or some nude shades.

9.   Pick an ideal purse

Every bride needs a cute little purse that will go well with her looks. You can choose an elegant one, a shiny one, a classy one or a sparkly one. Make sure it matches the look you’re going for. It is also handy as you can put different things in it that you might need on your hands. These things include a small mirror, a comb, lipstick, perfume and some tissue for dabbing the excess makeup. It will help you look flawless at all times during this special day.

10.  Keep it simple

It’s essential to highlight that you shouldn’t over-accessorize. Consider everything carefully and have your close ones help you in deciding which options fit better. Try everything out and remember to take pictures so you can take a look again and choose the ideal pieces. If you’re not sure about some things, it’s better to leave them out and keep it simple rather than go overboard. One wrong piece of accessory can ruin the whole look, believe it or not. That’s why choosing these things takes time and careful consideration.

All of the things mentioned are crucial aspects of every future bride’s look. They have to be chosen with thought and in that way, the chances that something goes wrong or mismatches are considerably smaller.

Maggie Holmes
Maggie Holmes
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