Top situations where you need a furniture removalist

Fully furnished homes and offices are very much the norm in some parts of the world, but that is rarely the case in Australia. This puts added pressure and importance on the moving process, requiring individuals to carefully plan and organise the removal of their assets from one location to the next.

Problems immediately arise if friends, family members or colleagues are unable to shift the utilities within a given timeframe, often struggling to have the capacity for a vehicle that can maintain and carry a load usually reserved for a truck.

While it is money spent upfront, the benefits of hiring furniture removalists should be seen as an investment. There will be five common situations that arise removalist should be called upon.

Lack of strength

Furniture removal is not an endeavour for those that are not prepped to lift heavy objects. Whether they be fridges, beds, dryers or anything else that requires a degree of physical strength, furniture removalists are trained to pick up and carry on call.

This is where the professionals earn their money, utilising power in the upper and lower body to maneuver easily what most would consider extremely arduous.

It might appear to be a simple process from the outside, but undertaking the removal of heavy equipment is advised for those who can handle the weight, with the risk of severe injury a strong possibility.

Difficulty with transport logistics

It might not be recognised at the time of moving, but simple things like where to park and what building restrictions are in place can become incredibly costly if not investigated beforehand.

Especially if the residence is based in a region which is populated where there aren’t flexible conditions where cars and trucks can sit in one location for an extended period of time, even in the event of moving.

Hiring a furniture removalist will bridge that gap, bringing aboard a professional who understands the logistics of the area and where best to pick up and drop off without disturbing the flow of traffic.

Tight spaces

Moving up a long flight of stairs, through hallways or between screen doors, the tight spaces that will be encountered should be navigated by furniture removalists.

Much like a glorified game of Tetris, household objects need to be turned, bent, switched or held through some tricky paths and it is wise to rest on the experience of those who undertake this activity for a living.

A residence that has one too many narrow paths to get to the most direct route may require moving via a lift, around a backdoor or dismantling an asset to get it onto the premises. These are issues that will only arise on the day and having that knowledge on site is strongly advised.

Time is sensitive

For those that have specified a date and schedule for the removal of furniture, there is every chance that something will happen over the course of a morning or afternoon that will slow down the process.

A breakdown could occur on a busy road to halt traffic or an emergency has called in from work that requires urgent attention. Whatever the case, having a furniture removalist on hand will eliminate the hassle of managing time where everything rests on the mover’s shoulders.

Throw in the need to have a cleaning service hired, items moved into storage or settling in pets and/or children into the mix, and it is obvious that a furniture removalist can take away much of that additional stress.

Fearful of damage

A furniture removalist will have experience and knowledge when it comes to packing and securing objects that will be in harms way.

When that priceless family heirloom has to be secured or the new expensive high definition flat screen television is being taken to the office across to the next suburb, the risk of damage will rise if the individual selects the DIY path.

The added bonus of an accredited and locally recognised removalist is the inclusion of insurance, meaning that the condition of the goods should be maintained and if not, the financial repercussions fall on the company.

They will take every precaution to avoid this scenario though, covering the assets in the correct materials to ensure no breaks, cracks or damage occurs in transit.

Grace Woods
Grace Woods
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