Reasons why furniture removals are so important

Furniture removals can be a major hassle at the best time of times. Lifting big-ticket items and household assets around cars, through tight hallways and up flights of stairs is an arduous process and this is where the professionals are worth the investment.

Navigating through traffic is an added pressure that can be avoided in this circumstance. The city is a sprawl of hustle and bustle where time and space becomes a luxury that few can afford, particularly if a move is occurring on a busy weekend period when activity is at peak levels.

This is why hiring the services of a furniture removal specialist is essential to avoiding added costs, incurring injury or damage and experiencing more stress for a day where anxiety is always a risk of happening.

Injury prevention

There are many theories to picking, carrying and shifting goods from the home to the truck. “Lift with the legs” is a regular catch cry to those wanting to give a removal education. Yet the reality is something else altogether.

The chance of causing a serious back injury heighten when a fridge, bed, dryer, washer or cabinet has to be taken away and unless the individual holding the item has the requisite strength to pull this task off, injury will be an inevitable problem.

The easiest method to avoiding this is hiring a group of professionals who are trained and prepared for this activity.

Saves time

Efficiency has to be a top priority when a removal is underway. What can start out as picking and packing can end with multiple phone calls, reaching out to cleaners, landlords, councils, and other parties who will be dragged into an ongoing saga.

With furniture removalists, this stress can be taken out of the equation to let the owner focus on those matters that they would have had to deal with before, during and after.

The actual bottom line can be saved too, eliminating the need to fix broken items, buy boxes, bubble wrap and anything else that would have to be included when an amateur shifts their assets from one location to another.

Local knowledge

Having someone onboard who knows the terrain of a suburb is a tremendous asset on the big move day. Particularly for those entrenched in a heavily populated city, taking a truckload of gear from one area to the next comes with a set of problems to maneuver around.

While the GPS might indicate that a drive from Bondi to Chatswood is only 25 minutes, there are issues like tolls, height limits on heavy vehicles and school zones that make a straight forward scenario appear daunting with a series of roadblocks put in the way.

The experience of a removal professional will overcome these concerns, adapting their knowledge to the local area and acting on their own recommendations.

Damage limitation

Peace of mind during a tense process can be difficult to acquire, yet a furniture removal company can make relocation look relatively simple.

Amateurs who attempt to execute what they do for a living will always increase the chance of damage occurring where couches can be ripped, lights can be smashed and digital goods broken beyond repair.

The slightest slip or lack of judgment can see either an item or part of a house damaged, even without the mover recognising it at the time.

Any reputable organisation that deals in the moving business will also be insured, so there will be no need to be dealing with fines or money taken out of a bond.

Transport logistics

Should the mover choose the DIY path, then a number of factors have to be considered. What type of vehicle will be used? If the car that is on hand cannot fit the equipment to capacity, then a truck has to be borrowed or more likely hired.

When will that be available to pick up? When does it have to be dropped off? How much fuel will it use and how much will it cost to reimburse? Assuming that process goes off smoothly, the parking situation must be taken into account. Does the incoming premises have a loading zone? Is it truck friendly?

All of these scenarios will arise in the event that the mover opts for their own mode of transport, whereas a professional will have that covered before one item is picked up.

Grace Woods
Grace Woods
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