Experience the non-stick cookware sets in a nutshell

Experienced chefs and new cooks love the versatility of nonstick cookware. Cooking with this cookware prevents foods from sticking, and you will never ruin a meal again. Modern nonstick coating requires no oil at all, resulting in healthier dishes. Just like any other cookware sets, nonstick options vary in price, from $20 to $550, depending on the manufacturer and extra features.

This article is your way to learn what you want to see in your nonstick cookware so that you can find the best one for your skills, space and style.

Coating controversy

The biggest benefit of nonstick surfaces is that even the most gentle foods slides easily. There are two types of coatings: classic and ceramic. Classic is called PTFE and it was the first coating made by the popular brand Teflon in the 1960s. Ceramic coatings made of tiny particles that are considered to be environmentally friendly.

Even though a classic surface is more durable than ceramic, the Environmental Protection Agency has proved health risks in using PTFE cookware under high heat. If you heat the coated pan up to 500F, the surface will release unhealthy fumes, so if you want to cook at high temperatures, you should consider ceramic surfaces.

However, ceramic is one of the weakest cookware material and it needs to be replaced after 2 years of regular use.

Appliance applications

You shouldn’t forget that cookware isn’t only for cooking – it’s also for reheating foods. When you search for a cookware set, make sure it can be used in a microwave. Even though Teflon is microwave safe, PTFE is made of metals that you should never place in a microwave or they will explode. You should always check manufacturer’s instructions because metallic compounds can be nuked into ceramic or Teflon cookware.

Things about cookware you should never forget

Before you choose a cookware set for your needs, you should know what you’re searching for. There are many different brands that advertise their products so it can be confusing to find something for your needs. Below, there are important things to consider that help you make the right choice.


Weight is one of the main features of any nonstick set. Heavy pieces distribute heat more evenly but they are harder to move around. Heavy cookware comes handy when you cook something for a longer time. Lightweight pans and pots don’t perform as well when it comes to even heating, but they are very easy to lift. I thing that mid-weight cookware sets are an excellent choice because they cook everything without compromise.


Cookware set is often a long-term purchase, so you should choose durable pieces. Nonstick cookware can be made of cast iron, stainless steel, copper and aluminum. They are durable and can last for up to 4 years of regular use. There is also copper cookware but it’s very expensive and requires complex maintenance.


If you aren’t sure about the quality of the set, have a look at the handles. When shopping for cookware sets, make sure to check that handles are welded in because they will never come off. Plastic handles are harder to clean and are often riveted, which isn’t a good choice. Metallic handles are oven safe; just make sure to use oven mitts or a kitchen towel.

The perfect handles for all your cooking tasks are made of metal and covered with silicone. It prevents them from heating up and being a health hazard. Silicone handles are easy to hold and lift even when your hands are oily or greasy. They are less likely to slip. Some handles have rubber or plastic guards and can be removed. In some cases, the whole handle is removable for oven use.


A good cookware set should have sturdy lids that let you see what’s inside. Make sure you can easily remove the lid and place it on pots. Tempered glass is usually the best options because it seals in heat and moisture and preserves food flavors. Lids come in many different shapes and sizes to suit different pot sizes.

You can easily prolong the life of your nonstick cookware set by washing it by hand, even if the manufacturer states it is dishwasher safe. Nonstick coating is a great option for almost every cook who enjoys quick and easy cooking. Just remember that the higher the temperatures, the faster you will have to replace your set.

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