Eva Mendes gives two cents on a possible Hitch sequel

Eva Mendes is ready to reprise her role as journalist Sara Melas for a possible Hitch sequel with Will Smith.

During a sit down with Entertainment Tonight, the 45-year-old actress said that she’s open in doing a sequel with Will Smith. The actress went on to share that it would be an interesting story given that we are in a world riddled with dating apps and said it would be interesting what Hitch would do as a date doctor.

The actress also shared that she is ready to play a Disney Villain, a role that she has yet to portray. when Mendes spoke to ET, she shared that being cast as a Disney villainess is a role that she would definitely consider right now.

The actress has stepped away from the limelight but said that acting is something that she will always love, even now that she is raising her children. Mendes added that now there are a lot of things she wouldn’t do. A lot of the films she has done in the past she wouldn’t do now.

Hitch is an American rom-com that follows the life and exploits of Alex “Hitch” Hitchens, a professional ‘date doctor’ who helps men in attracting women with the sole purpose of having them in a long-term relationship. Hitch then meets a new client, Albert Brennaman played by Kevin James who has a serious crush on Allegra Cole played by Amber Valletta, a celebrity client of his investment firm. While helping Albert, Hitch comes across gossip columnist Sara Melas played by Mendes and falls for her. The whole story turns upside down when Sara discovers that one of Hitch’s clients had used him to get a one night stand with Sara’s friend.

The 2005 romantic comedy might not have gained strong favors from critics like Rotten Tomatoes which rated the movie as an average, garnering a 6.3/10 on their scale but praised the performances of Smith and James for their charming and warm performances. But audiences around the globe saw and appreciated its charm which is why it became one of the more popular movies to come out that year.

The concept of a date doctor or a pick-up artist had been a very intriguing topic whether it is just for discussion or as an ingredient for a television show or film and it would be really interesting how studios will package a show based on such an ideology in this modern age of strong feminist movements that have been known to be offended by such activities of men.

One thing is certain, Mendes and Smith’s undeniable chemistry in their scenes is one of the main selling points of the film and Millenials will surely want to see what has happened between the two after the ending of the first film.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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