Get the most out of your ducted heating system

There is nothing pleasurable about waking up to a cold room on a winter morning. However, a colder bathroom just makes it worse. So naturally, you need a proper heating system running in your house.

There are many heating options to choose from, but you do not want to invest in a system that is excessively costly to set up. Neither do not want a heating set up that causes harm to the environment or becomes unsuitable for your surroundings. Therefore, you should consider an eco-friendly option, which is why ducted heating is the best option.

It does not matter if you live in an old house or a new apartment, ducted heating can be set up anywhere due to its versatility and ease of installation process. There surely exists a condition of your suitability and floor plan. The two main ducted heating options are:

Gas Ducted Heating

Gas ducted heating is a heating system, which runs on natural gas or LPG. The system consists of a furnace using a heat exchanger to heat up the cool air before passing it through to the ducts set up in all the room in the house. The air is then sucked back up and recirculated.

Ducted Reverse Cycle Air Conditioners

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system uses a compressor and runs on electricity. It uses a refrigerant to cool the air and circulates it to all the rooms via the ducts.

Tricks to keep your ducted heating system running with minimal maintenance

Stop the leaks

In many cases, the heat escapes through leaks in the walls, doors, and windows, which lead to an incredible loss in money and energy. Make sure that the walls have no cracks, no cold air is leaking in from the windows, or no air is getting out from under the door. Take care of these basic things to get the maximum efficiency from ducted heating.

Do not crank up your heating high after getting home

When you come back home after a long day and find it cold, do not crank up the thermostat. Instead, wait for it to thaw out. Alternatively, setting the thermostat between 18 and 22 degrees can let you warm the house slowly over the course of the day and you will find a much warmer house when you reach home in the evening or at night.

Let the sun warm your house naturally

sun heats house
Let the sun do its job at naturally heating the house. Photo: 5arah, Pixabay

If you have a large window that captures the morning or afternoon sun, keep the curtains open. The sun’s natural heat helps in warming up the house for a comfortable experience. After the sun has moved, keep the curtains closed so that the heat can be contained.

Know your thermostat well

If you do not have one, then you should buy a programmable thermostat, as it is best for ducted heating. It means you can set the heating period on the timer and forget about it, the timer would automatically shut down the thermostat after it has reached the end of the period. This means you could come home to a warmer house in the evening.

Use selective heating

If there are rooms that you do not use for quite a while, then zoning your home is a great thing to do when it comes to ducted heating. It saves both money and energy. One just has to turn off the heating for that particular room or area and voila! You save on your energy bill.

Servicing a gas ducted heating

Get your gas ducted heating system serviced regularly to protect your family from carbon monoxide emissions, which can take place from leaks, if by any means. Building up of carbon monoxide is dangerous for human health. Timely servicing ensures there are no such leaks.

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