7 fresh ways to display photos at home

Stylishly showing off your favourite photos is a great way to bring warmth and personality to your home.

The memories are being made and the photos are being taken, so why aren’t you displaying any photos in your home? Thanks to rapid advances in smartphone technology, the quality of your photos on your phone are excellent, and when carefully curated and framed, can bring a beautiful and personal touch to your home.

Looking beyond objects, what does your home say about you? Filling your home with beautifully framed photos and art is a fast way to make your house feel like a home. Not only will the wall space be more visually appealing, but photos and art are an expression of your identity telling your visitors who you are and what you love. Studies have also shown that displaying photos of the family unit is crucial for childhood development, leaving children feeling a sense of being love and belonging.

Displaying photos in your home is not about loading every available flat surface with as many frames you can. This not only creates undesirable clutter and dust, too many standing in rows is too hard to see and enjoy. But by using a variety of approaches, layouts and frame designs, you can create a cool statement that fits more organically with your home.

Create an impact in your entryway

First impressions count, so styling your entryway with a statement photo or artwork is a must. Seeing some candid family photos or travel snapshots can will make you, and your guests, feel at home as soon as they step through your door. As the foyer or entry way space is usually confined and needs to function practically, try opting for an oversized photo frame hung above a bench seat or shoe rack to maximise impact and efficiency.

Take a trip with a memory wall

A long space like a hallway or stairwell is an ideal space for a memory wall, which is a collection of photos to represent all the good times you’ve had over the years. When creating a memory wall, it’s a good idea to choose at least one cohesive element to tie everything together such as the frame colour, frame size or the actual content of the photos. For example travel photos, the or your growing family. Start small with your memory wall and enjoy the prospect of making new memories to add to your wall over time. You might even find yourself looking for the perfect ‘memory wall photo’ on your next trip or family get together.

Embrace the mini grid

If you’re not quite ready to hang a full blown gallery wall, for ease and manageability, a mini grid is an excellent option. Four neatly aligned photo frames stacked in two rows of two frames, can create quite an impact if hung on the right wall. An entryway, above a desk or sidewall in a dining room are excellent spaces. Whilst there your grid is comprised of four separate frames, you should treat it as a single vignette. For example, if you want to hang a family photo, instead of hanging just one, why not bring some lightness and fun to the moment by including some of the fun outtakes? It will scream personality and your guests will love it.

Mix it up with a gallery shelf

Be sure to think outside your walls when looking for places to display your photos. Traditional spots like bedside tables are great places to surround yourself with your most loved ones. But if you’re looking for something a little different, and a place more flexible than a traditional gallery wall, try a gallery shelf. By overlapping a collection of 10-15 picture frames on a picture ledge, you create a look that is organised yet relaxed. Gallery shelves are also extremely flexible as you can easily swap photos in and out as things change in your life (hello children!) and mix and match photos with art prints and collected objects.

Turn photos into artworks

When you have a photo that is extra special like a wedding photo or a brilliant sunset, a photo canvas is a great way to turn the precious memory into a beautiful work of art. Instead of being printed onto traditional photo paper, with a framed photo canvas, your photo is printed onto luxurious cotton canvas then stretched onto a stretcher bar and placed inside a sleek floating frame. The result is an elevated look for your photos reminiscent of an original painting hanging in an art gallery.

Up the elegance with black and white prints

Creating a black and white colour scheme with your photos, or a portion of them, can really tie everything together. Applying a crisp monochrome filter to your wedding photos or family photos creates a highly sophisticated look, especially when paired with a classic and clean black and white gallery frame. Black and white photos are chic and timeless and work with any interior style.

Create a statement with a triptych

A triptych is an artwork that is divided into three sections or panels but hung as one piece with a small gap between each frame. When it comes to your photos, a triptych is a fun way to tell the story of the photo you’ve captured. By splitting up a large photo like a landscape or crowd shot, into individual viewpoints you can appreciate different moments and viewpoints within the scene. Triptychs can also be used to display images of an identical moment over tome. For example, a child holding their favourite toy through the years.


So, there you have it, seven fresh ways to display photos in your home. It’s time to get those photos off your devices and into your life. Ready to get started? Print and frame your photos using an online framing service to save time and money, and then choose the display option that is best suited to your needs and preferred interior style.

Lucy is a go-getting mum who is passionate about photography and interiors. As the founder of Australian owned and operated business, Framer, she is on a mission to change the custom framing game by making it easier for people to print and frame their photos online.
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