Dave Hughes responds to Gogglebox insult

Comedian Dave Hughes has responded to a Googlebox star who called him ugly during his television show Hughesy, We Have a Problem.

Hughes’ show was a feature on Gogglebox, a television show that follows various everyday people in their homes as they watch television themselves. Dave Hughes said that he was excited when he heard the news that his show was going to feature on Gogglebox and was keen to see the responses.

However, I’m sure he didn’t think that he would get insulted as much as he did with a set of viewers calling him “one of the ugliest people I’ve ever seen.”

The comedian has now responded to the comments during his television show Hughesy, We Have a Problem. Dave Hughes said that he was, in fact, often on the end of insults regarding his looks. He even provided an example saying that he was at the Qantas lounge the other day when one of the women behind the desk asked if he had had a big night because he looked “terrible”.

Of course, you would expect these people to be very respectful and welcoming. Hughes replied, “I’ve had 10 hours sleep…I didn’t have a massive night but I’m having a massive morning.” He said the lady behind the desk questioned why his morning was so big and he replied saying that it was because he had “just met an arsehole”, referring to the woman.

Despite the humour that Dave Hughes can take out of most situations, it appears that he has been genuinely offended by the comments made by Gogglebox stars Angie and Yvie. They have since apologised to Dave Hughes via Twitter saying “I feel terrible…it’s never ok to call someone ugly”.

Hughes said that the comment made on air was “tough” and that he had drafted a number of responses via Twitter in response to the Gogglebox stars but didn’t end up sending any through for the world to see.

The comment took up much of the discussion during Dave Hughes’ show on Tuesday night as all of the panellists weighed in on their thoughts of the event and the supposed ‘apology’ made by the Gogglebox stars.

One of the guest panellists on Hughes’ show, Cal Wilson, certainly didn’t make it any easier for him highlighting the fact that the woman, at not stage, actually took back her comments in the apology tweet.

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