Jake Ellis admits he cracked under pressure

Tuesday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise wasn’t short of drama on any front but it was Florence Moerenhout who stole the show eventually being the one sent packing.

Florence was very much at the centre of the episode constantly talking about how bad Jake Ellis is and generally just how bad her time so far has been on the show. Ultimately it was her negativity and lack of proactivity that sent her home as she failed to offer something for the others, expecting everything to be done for her.

Jake Ellis, who was ultimately the one who sent Florence home, says that he cracked under the pressure and if he could do it all over again, he would tell the truth. Ellis said that he had “never been in a situation like that before” continuing to say that he would do his “best to apologise for.”

He says that looking back on it he knows that he didn’t handle it the right way but maintains that he isn’t the bad guy in the situation as it was a mutual fault.

Florence Moerenhout clearly wasn’t thinking the same thing when she left the show called Jake a “cold-blooded” being with “no soul”. The two had had an intimate relationship prior to the show and it appears that they may have had differing views going into the show. Moerenhout was evidently unimpressed given that she had given him a rose the previous week.

Jake Ellis said that Florence Moerenhout had reached out to him at the start of the year when his mother had passed away.  He continued stating that there were no hard feelings between the pair.

Jake maintains that one of the big reasons for his decision was the supposed lack of effort shown by Florence Moerenhout when it was his turn to give out the rose.

“When Flo was giving out the rose, I did whatever I could…I was interested in pursuing something…but when I was the one giving out the rose…she made no effort.”

Jake Ellis ended up giving his rose to Megan Marx and said that he was interested in pursuing something with her saying “she made my paradise from the moment she walked in”.

Ellis said that he had previously met Marx outside of the show when he was in a relationship and was now keen to see what could happen between the two.

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