Dave Hughes receives some mixed messages after giving out phone number

Comedian Dave Hughes has received thousands of text messages after giving out his phone number of television on Tuesday night.

The messages have certainly each had a different spin but not all of them have been nice.

Hughes gave out his phone number on national television in response to accidentally posting his wife’s phone number on one of his social media accounts recently.

Unsurprisingly, his wife was less than impressed at the time and so Hughes said that he would have no issues sharing his own number as he loves interacting with the public.

So during his show ‘We Have a Problem’ Hughes shared his number with the audience. He said that following the release of his mobile number “the phone just kept ringing all night”. And the comedian literally means all night with calls and texts coming through in the early hours of the morning as his show aired in the western cities.

Dave Hughes said that he had also received a number of phone calls and was attempting to respond to every text message he got. People were Face Timing and then just throwing the phone down Hughes said at the shock of him actually answering the phone.

There were also a lot of very nice messages being sent through according to Dave Hughes with one woman saying that the “show was making them laugh for the first time” since their son passed away. “That’s a bloody lovely thing to get” Hughes said.

Whilst there were a “truckload” of positive messages coming through, the comedian did say that there were a few not so nice messages as well.

Dave Hughes did make a confession the following morning during an interview saying that the number that appeared on the screen for the viewers at home was in fact not his real number.

Whilst Dave Hughes was willing to give it out the nation, it was his management that said he couldn’t do it. I’m sure that the comedian is glad he didn’t now that he is receiving so many calls and texts.

He said that those in the live audience were lucky enough to receive his real number but for those at home it was a different SIM created especially for the show.

But everyone can still be sure that Dave Hughes will be receiving your messages as they are sent through.

More details of the messages and calls that he has received will be discussed on his radio show ‘Hughesy & Kate’ that airs between 4:30pm and 6:30pm weekdays on 2DayFM.

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