Why Daddy Couture is the next big thing in LGBTQ+ fashion

In the world of fashion, change is an accepted fact. In recent years, brands and labels have been forced to adapt to changing customer preferences or face being left behind as their more flexible competitors move forward.

Reinforced by its unique brand identity and niche appeal, Daddy Couture is the next big thing in the LGBTQ+ fashion world.

Using its message of inclusivity within the LGBTQ+ community and pride in sexual orientations and gender identities, Daddy Couture has reaped the success of a growing, loyal fan base, coupled with relevant celebrity endorsements.

A commitment to inclusivity

People holding gay pride banner
Inclusivity is a core component of Daddy Couture’s model. Photo: rihaij, Pixabay

A massive part of Daddy Couture’s marketing model is their distinct brand identity. They are a proud, gay fashion brand (which is reflected in the type of clothing they design), dispelling all stereotypes, misconceptions and so-called social convention. While they are certainly not the brand for everyone, they will accept anyone wanting to show off their individuality through their clothing!

The Power of Social Media

Daddy Couture’s primary communication channel has been through social media platforms. Indeed, Daddy Couture has been able to follow up their commitment to inclusivity and fashion diversity via their Instagram page, which now has over 22,000 followers, despite being barely 12 months old. Not only has social media enabled the niche brand to expand its following and strengthen its brand visibility, but it has allowed the fashion brand to reach a larger audience when spreading their brand persona and message.

Charitable donations to meaningful organisations

Another facet of Daddy Couture’s business model that helps them differentiate their product and brand offerings is their charitable donations. Committing to a variety of charities ensures that the business is following through with their commitment to inclusivity and acceptance of all genders and sexualities. In fact, Daddy Couture will also be donating a portion of their proceeds from a select range to a leading US-based non-profit organisation that focuses on suicide prevention within the youth of the LGBTQ+ community.

A tailored, unique Pride Collection

Furthermore, another core strength of Daddy Couture’s approach to fashion has been their focus on tailoring their clothing wear in accordance to their target market. By collaborating with Rebecca More, a gay icon on Twitter with a sizeable following (who will be donating her share of the proceeds to charity), Daddy Couture has been able to develop their Pride Collection that deeply resonates with their established customer base.

The new product range celebrates the kitsch, the decorative and wit synonymous with the LGBTQ+ community. The t-shirts come in black and white, while the range of merchandise also includes products like crop tops, hoodies and tank tops, so there’s a lot going around!

Why so successful?

Daddy Couture has been successful thus far for many reasons. With a distinct brand persona and provocative clothing to follow up on their mantra, the pro-gay label has served to embrace diversity and inclusion, not disregard it. The brand refuses to compromise on its vision – it knows its niche and doesn’t try and shy away from the customers it knows it attracts. At the same time, the brand has been successful with a wide range of celebrity endorsements. American reality TV star, Tiffany Pollard, was one of the first celebrities very eager to collaborate with the brand and foster some exposure. Likewise, Chris Crocker, famous for his viral videos “Leave Britney Alone” has also publicly endorsed Daddy Couture through his various social media pages.

Above everything else, Daddy Couture has seamlessly built customer engagement by encouraging their customers to share photos of themselves wearing the brand on their personal Instagram pages but also on their Facebook page. Naturally, this has precipitated a growth in the brand’s visibility while aligning with Daddy Couture’s message of inclusivity and free expressionism. By encouraging their clients to feel safe and free in the clothing, they shape more positive associations with the brand.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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