5 best criminal lawyers in Brisbane

Every state works a bit differently when it comes to the criminal law. If you’re being accused of a crime, it’s probably a highly emotional time for you. You may be struggling to understand the legal process and potential ramifications of the crime you are being charged with.

With any criminal offence, be it minor or a more serious offence, proper legal representation is absolutely essential. The impact of a criminal record can be devastating for you future, not to mention the potential jail time or financial impact of fines related to criminal offences that can destroy your livelihood and family life.

Having an experienced lawyer on you side can make a massive difference to the outcome of your case and can greatly improve the likelihood that you will be cleared of all charges or that the charges will be dropped before you have to go through a lengthy court process.

A lawyer who specialises in criminal law can make the process much smoother than it would otherwise be.

They will devote the appropriate time and attention to you case unlike many of the free legal resources available in the public system that are stretched too thin to provide the best representation.

We’ve researched the top lawyers in Brisbane, read on below for our top 5.

Criminal Solicitors found in Brisbane:

No.: Criminal Lawyer: Website:
1 Brisbane Criminal Lawyers www.brisbane-criminal-lawyers.com.au
2 Mcmillan Criminal Law www.mcmillancriminallaw.com.au
3 Potts Lawyers www.pottslawyers.com.au
4 Robertson O’Gorman www.robertsonogorman.com.au
5 Russo Lawyers www.russolawyers.com.au

Brisbane Criminal Lawyers

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The name says it all, Brisbane Criminal Lawyers are straight to the point and offer excellent legal representation in criminal matters because it’s their number one focus. Unlike other firms, criminal law is not one small component of their legal offering but their complete specialty.

Bruce Peters, the legal Principal at the firm has more than 20 years’ experience in criminal law, so you can be confident that you are working with one of the most experienced professionals in Brisbane when you entrust your case to Brisbane Criminal lawyers.

They can assist with any criminal offences in Brisbane, such as domestic violence where the law can make it extremely easy for a person to be charged.

Brisbane Criminal Lawyers are a great professional legal firm specialising in criminal law and a solid selection for potential clients with criminal matters that need to be handled carefully.

Mcmillan Criminal Law

Mcmillan Criminal Law know what the impact of a poor choice of lawyer can be for you, ad in a market with many lawyers claiming to be the ‘best’ they aim to conduct themselves ethically and practically. Mcmillan Criminal Law does not need to make outlandish claims about it’s legal prowess or add together the years of experience of each of it’s lawyers to try to impress potential clients because they know that their work speaks for itself. They do not rely on written customer testimonials (easy to fake) to try to sell their business, instead they let their many case studies and successful wins on large cases reported in the media do the talking.

They are refreshingly transparent about their fee’s and have them clearly displayed on their website, and they are surprisingly affordable.

Their honestly about the costs involved in legal representation are important in helping clients to make decisions about their representation.

They offer legal representation for ay criminal offence, including murder charges and coronial inquest charges and are one of the best options if you need a firm to help you weather the storm of criminal charges.

Potts Lawyers

Potts Lawyers are located in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast and throughout greater Queensland and can offer specialist criminal law representation through their experienced team.

Their large teams of legal professionals includes Bill Potts, one of the most experienced and senior criminal lawyers in the entire country who has previously served as the President of the Queensland Law society.

They recognise that dealing with criminal charges can be one of the most stressful experiences that a person can have in their life and provide empathetic legal advice and support.

They take the stress out of proceedings by managing the court room processes and police enquiries for you and will take the time to carefully explain proceedings and answer any questions for you, so that you are well informed the entire time.

They have won a reputation for being some of the most ethical and effective lawyers in Queensland after many years of appearing in courtrooms throughout the state.

If you need legal representation, contact Potts Lawyers on the 24 hour helpline for a free 20 minute consultation.

Robertson O’Gorman

Robertson O’Gorman has over 40 years of experience in Criminal law matters in Brisbane and are one of the leading firms in the area.

They proudly serve clients with needs of every description, everyone from businessmen to students and labourers.

Robertson O’Gorman legal team are highly distinguished and awarded. Dan Rogers, legal director of the company has been awarded as a leading Queensland lawyer 4 years in a row and has been regularly published in Law review and other journals relating to the field.

Terry O’Gorman, now a senior consultant at the company is an expert in criminal law and speaks regularly on criminal law matters in both national and international forums. He has also been recognised and awarded as a leading lawyer on numerous occasions in recent years.

Terry is particularly well regarded for his media management skills, essential in high profile cases in which opposing counsel might seek to gain an advantage through the media.

With such an impressive team of people it is no surprise that Robertson O’Gorman have been involved in some high profile wins over the years.

It’s also no surprise that they have an impressive service offering – they are able to cover all matters relating to criminal law and can also help with corporate law and traffic offences.

If you need a lawyer, give them a call on their 24 hour emergency line or contact them for a free appraisal.

Russo Lawyers

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Russo Lawyers knows that the numbers can tell a story. That’s why they proudly display the important details on their website, number of happy clients more than 605, more than 850 cases won, more than 30 years in the business, and a team of 3 dedicated lawyers.

Russo Lawyers operates under the expert leadership of Peter Russo, a previous parliament member in QLD and acting chair of the Parliamentary crime and corruption committee.

Peter has been a practicing lawyer for decades and was named the Australian of the year in 2007.

He’s been involved in some very high profile cases over the years and has an impressive record for winning cases, he’s shown his willingness to go above and beyond for his clients many times in the past.

With such star leadership and legal representation you can’t go wrong with using Russo Lawyers for your criminal law needs.

They can offer you representation for any criminal offense and have a 24/7 line for legal advice.

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