12 brands making a statement in Australia

Only a few years ago, Australia was better known for importing its fashion trends and brands, but it’s amazing what a few years can do to such a big industry.

Now Australia is lucky enough to have hundreds of independent fashion brands that use the beauty of their homeland to create styles that other countries are finding inspiration from.

So now Australia’s fashion scene offers a complete variety of influences coming from all around the world and well as here. 2020 is no different however there are some brands making a much bigger statement with the garments they’re offering. Here’s a look at 12 brands (5 for women, 5 for men and 2 Unisex) that are changing Australian fashion for the better.

12 brands that are changing Australian fashion for the better:


Will & Bear

In 2016 two women start this brand with more than just design in mind. Lauren Williams and Alexander Knorr decided to quit their jobs and start this beautifully inspired hat brand, which is proud to be sustainable. 4 years later, Will & bear is loved internationally and for every hat sold 10 trees are planted. Their Instagram is the best way to see the style and culture they want to encourage and its truly taken off in Australia.


Inspired by the 80’s this swimwear brand is loved all over the country. The brand encourages you to feel empowered in their own skin just as women began to in the 80’s. Bamba offers a complete choice of swimwear that suits all, with high-rise skimpy bottoms to the infamous underwired bikini tops. And if style just isn’t enough for you the designer also uses recycled materials to produce their swim range, with a proud partnership with ECONYL, REPREVE and BILLION to ensure quality without compromise.


Designers created this brand because they always felt like something was missing from their own wardrobes. Realisation is a style focus brand that is fun and funky to look at as well as wear. Founders Alexandra Spencer and Teale Talbot focus more on separate unique garments rather than collections and they want to encourage you to be confident in what you wear, so each garment is designed by both even with their own creative backgrounds.

Assembly Label

The brand focuses on high-quality basics to complete your wardrobe. known for its durable denim and soft knits, the affordable clothing brand Assembly Label is perfect for anyone looking for comfort and reliability. The brand also offers menswear but the women’s collection is proving to be a staple all over the country. Assembly Label’s ethos is to create well-made products that embody the relaxed coastal lifestyle of Australians.

The Fifth

Known for being worn by ‘off-duty-models’ The Fifth is a brand that embodies the spirit of fashion. Creating garments that are versatile, bold and a complex blend of street and high fashion, The Fifth is a kind of brand you’ll want to wear all day, every day.



Melbourne graphic designer Nick Demkiw created this independent fashion brand with a diverse, kinetic approach in mind. The brand has avoided sticking to one style since it started and keeps release completely fresh looks with each season. That being said, it does like to keep its colours neutral, but that’s not something anyone will ever complain about.


The UK brand created by influencer Chet Sket has started making a bigger appearance in Aus and there’s no surprise as to why. Their mens graphic t-shirts and tracksuits are truly unique with their strong focus on design and quality. They also offer a utility range which takes the new streetwear style and add a FADED twist to it. The brand suits Australia as it adds a modern style to what has always been the Australian fashion.


Creating a bridge between European style and Australia, Commas offers modern essentials and statement pieces alike. Perfect for your next exotic getaway (whenever that may come) Commas products its products using the finest Italian mills to create luxury level garments. The brand started in 2016 finding its influence with the aquatic lifestyle, which is seen in each of its floaty, leisure garments.

Ex Infintas

Likely to be the most stand out brand mentioned, Ex Infintas isn’t your average surf or streetwear brand. Using a vibrant colour palette and luxury materials, the oversized garments use European influences and are not to be confused with technical activewear, although it is heavily seen and inspired the brand.

Song of the Mute

Putting Australia back on the luxury fashion map comes Song of the Mute. A premium brand that unfolds more brilliant garments of stunning collection at a time. The brand considers itself experimental with its choice of colours, manufacturing methods and superior fabrics, which means you’re unlikely to find garments anywhere like it around the world, but naturally this comes with a hefty price tag.



Pronounced ‘Change’ the unisex clothing brand focuses on changing the world for the better. The sustainable brand uses strong slogans and wording to bring awareness towards racism, sexism and much more. A percentage of the profits is donated to charities and garments are produced organically, so there’s no reason not to browse this US based brand.

The Iconic

The big retailer has released a genderless collection perfect for both men and women. There garments are ideal for adding staple pieces to your wardrobe, with denim, tops, jackets and coats all available

If you’re looking to support the fashion industry in Australian the majority of these designers are born a bred here and they are all growing. Whether you’re looking for simple staple garments or to become part of the constantly expanding streetwear game, these designers and many more offer a unique blend of Australian and European design.

Natalie Wilson
Natalie Wilson
Natalie Wilson is a freelance writer and avid decorator and interior designer. She loves discovering home renovation blogs and Instagram accounts and spending her free time shopping. She aims to buy her own home in the next year and begin her very own renovation project! You can connect with her on Twitter @NatWilson976.
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