3 Best Window Cleaners on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is a unique area of Australia. With its beautiful beaches and stunning hinterland scenery, it’s no wonder that the Gold Coast is one of the top places to live in the world. It’s not just the landscape that’s unique, the Gold Coast has a variety of living styles, including large homes, beach-side apartments, townhouses and semi-rural properties.

Despite the beautiful Queensland weather, Gold Coast home owners are often battling dirty windows due to salty sea air and westerly dust storms that blow over from time to time. With that in mind, it’s important that residents and property owners find the right window cleaner to fit their needs. In this article you will learn why window cleaning is imperative to maintaining a home or workplace. Also, who the top Gold Coast window cleaners are and why they have such a great reputation.

Why use a professional window cleaner? 

When considering the different aspects of home and office maintenance, some may question whether it’s worth putting their hard-earned resources towards window cleaning. So why invest money into window cleaning?

First, and perhaps foremost, your windows, mirrors, and glass sliding doors represent a large amount of money and investment into your home. Just like any valuable aspect of your home or office, you want to prevent them from deteriorating and, in turn, losing their value. Regular window and glass maintenance will help you maintain them as a valuable asset.

There is also the aesthetic aspect to regularly having your windows cleaned. It’s surprising how clean windows can make a big difference to the ambience of your home. Whether you are planning on entertaining people, trying to sell or rent your home, or maybe you just want to enjoy a pristine view, quality window cleaning will give your home that luster your looking for.

There is also a danger element to window cleaning, especially on two and three storey homes where access to the glass is difficult. These windows may require specialized equipment such as a large extension ladder, water-fed pole, and sometimes even abseil harness and rope. Although this makes it hard for a home-owner to do the window cleaning themselves, professional window cleaners are equipped to wash these windows efficiently and quickly.

It can be difficult navigating what can seem like an endless number of businesses advertising their window cleaning services.

To make things easier, below are some options of reviewed and established Gold Coast window cleaning businesses, shortlisted as some of the best on the Gold Coast.

Twenty20 Window Cleaning


When it comes to Gold Coast window maintenance, Twenty20 Window Cleaning has built a business synonymous with professionalism, quality workmanship and customer service. Twenty20 Window Cleaning is a husband and wife run business, as such, they’ve been able incorporate their family values into their work culture. This is mostly strongly reflected in their customer service; Twenty20’s online reviews show a more than noticeable trend towards a high level of client satisfaction. It’s the perfect combination of their high-quality workmanship along with their aforementioned customer service ethic that makes them one of the Gold Coast’s top window cleaning businesses.

Twenty20 Window Cleaning has embraced the “no job too small or too big” mindset. They provide services to small residential or commercial clients, but are also equipped to service large properties, body-corporates, and large commercial clients. However, don’t expect to find a lack of quality or difference of standard between clients, Twenty20 deliver consistent results no matter who the client.

Twenty20 Window Cleaning is proficient in residential and commercial window cleaning. They are equipped to carry out tasks at heights, via purified water-fed pole and extension ladder. Twenty20 are experienced with working along with NDIS participants and are familiar with creating NDIS Participant Service Agreements. Their team is outfitted to carry out exterior house washing services. Twenty20 also offers free in-person quotes.

Twenty20 Window Cleaning Contact Details:

Phone: 0426 482 430
Website: www.twenty20windowcleaning.com.au


“Twenty20 Window Cleaning are awesome. They do an amazing job – they know about windows and they know about cleaning. This is the second time we have used them and they just get better. Not only clean your windows, but a comprehensive service with cleaning of tracks, screens, handles etc. They work hard to get rid of any hard stains/blemishes and easily removed something that I have not been able to get off using any other method. Would highly recommend Paul and Jess, friendly, amazing cleaners and very reasonably priced.”

Here to Help Clean


Chris and the rest of the team at Here to Help Clean have established a name on the Gold Coast as a professional, conscientious and reliable window cleaning outfit. They provide services to both Commercial and Residential clients. Here to Help Clean also have an established reputation for delivering consistent results, and an eye for detail. As with all of our Gold Coast top picks, you can be reassured that Here to Help Clean get it right the first time.

Here to Help Clean are equipped to care for both residential and commercial jobs. They are outfitted to clean windows at height with water-fed pole and ladders. Here to Help offer a full range of building maintenance services such as Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, Solar Panel Cleaning, Pressure Washing and everything in between. Chris offers free quotes 7 days of the week.

Here to Help Clean Contact Details:

Phone: 0490 024 378
Website: www.heretohelpclean.com.au


“From first contact to end of the job the communication and professionalism was amazing. Chris and the team did an awesome job on my doors and windows as well as my gutters and solar panels. Such a pleasure now to look out over my garden now and not cringe at the dirty windows. Highly recommend these guys.”


Getting High on Maintenance


It wouldn’t be a comprehensive list of window cleaners if we didn’t list a business that is equipped to take care of Highrise windows. This is where Getting High on Maintenance excels (p.s. don’t you just love the name!). GHOM have years of experience on the Gold Coast in the window cleaning industry, but particularly when it comes to abseil window cleaning and extremely difficult to access glass. Jason the owner and manager of GHOM is a bit of a problem solver with hard to reach windows, no matter what the height.

Getting High on Maintenance are insured to carry out work on Highrise windows and on large commercial, Strata and Residential properties. Their specialty lies in abseil window cleaning and some maintenance tasks. You can call Jason at GHOM to discuss your particular needs.


“Jason and the team did a great job removing lattice, repainting and cleaning the gutters on our 3 story walk up building in Miami. From quoting to turning up on the day everything was done in a friendly and professional matter. Nothing was a problem and they even checked our roof for anything else that needed to be fixed. 100% I would recommend. Regards, Burleigh Motel.”

Getting High on Maintenance Contact Details:

Phone: (07) 5593 8689
Website: www.gettinghighonmaintenance.com

What should I look for when choosing a window cleaner?

It’s always a wise decision to do your own research and enquiry’s into which window cleaning business will be the best fit for your circumstances. These are some points to keep in mind while making an enquiry.

  • What is their online reputation like? Do they have positive reviews, and if they have the odd negative feedback, how have they reacted?
  • Do they have public liability? This is extremely important. If something were to go wrong, they need to be able to cover the costs.
  • Who will be doing the work? Is it a large team, small team or somewhere in between? What do you prefer? Are the staff uniformed and receiving award wages?
  • What are your expectations? Ask whether the window cleaner has included a clean of tracks and/or screens in the quote. Maybe you don’t want them included.

Now you are equipped with the tools and knowledge to find the best window cleaner that fits your property and circumstances. It will feel and look great once you have your windows sparkling clean!

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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