7 Best police check service providers in Australia

You can find a deluge of information on Police Checks in Australia on the internet, which may lead to confusion, as there are different types of police checks, and most of them are generally referred to as “National Police Check”.

Many find it hard to decide as to the type of Police Check they require, and where to apply for:

  • Police Check Victoria (VIC)
  • Police Check New South Wales (NSW)
  • Police Check Queensland (QLD)
  • Police Check South Australia (SA)
  • Police Clearance Western Australia (WA)
  • Police Check Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
  • Police Check Tasmania (TAS)
  • Police Check Northern Territory (NT)

So before we talk about the best providers, let’s first address the puzzle of ascertaining the right “National Police Check”.

Choosing the right police check is important!

Usually, there are three types of Police Checks available in Australia.

First, is the one from the Australian Federal Police (AFP). It is also known as AFP Check.
Generally, you need to apply through AFP if you need the Police Check for:

  • Australian immigration purposes
  • Overseas employment
  • Seeking employment with the commonwealth government
  • Overseas adoption, etc.

Second, you can also apply through the relevant state/territory police for the Police Check. This is a state/territory wide check and the process is manual, and you will need to submit the form in person to the relevant police station or post office. Also, it may take up to 10-25 days for the check results to be issued and mailed.

Third, you can apply for a police check for Employment or Volunteer work purposes, through an accredited National Police Checking Service provider. The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission has accredited organisations that can perform the check on behalf of applicants.

These agencies provide a 100% online application form for Nationally Coordinated Criminal History Checks (NCCHC) for employment, volunteer and occupation-related licencing and registration purposes. The certificates they provide are valid in all states and territories across Australia.

Here is a list of police check providers in Australia:

In this article, we’ve identified 7 leading Criminal History Check (Police Check) providers who are working towards the goal of eliminating workplace safety threats like fraud, scam, money-laundering, theft, violence etc.

1. National Crime Check

National Crime Check claims to be the industry leader for Police Check and offers a wide range of background checking services for individuals and business organisations.

NCC provides services like:

  • Criminal History Checks (Both for Individual and Businesses)
  • Bankruptcy Checks (Only for Businesses)
  • Right to Work Checks (VEVO) (Only for Businesses)
  • Identity verifications (Only for Businesses)
  • Credential verification and monitoring (Only for Businesses)
  • Image analysis and extractions (Only for Businesses)

The services provided by them are 100% online, which means no printing and postage of documents are required. They claim to dispatch 70% of the results within 24 business hours. You can also complete a check anywhere, even on the go, by using a mobile device.

The base price for the Employment Check and Volunteer Check is $49.90 and $29.90, including GST, respectively. Recently, they have introduced ‘Priority Police Check’ for an additional $20 where the results are delivered within 3 business hours.

2. Koncheck

KONCHECK is also an accredited Police Checking provider for employment, volunteer and occupational licencing purposes.

KONCHECK provides National Police Checks for both individuals and different business organisations. Soon, they are planning to launch other checks as well.

KONCHECK is also 100% online, authentic and an accredited body of the ACIC. It promises to seamlessly process a bulk amount of checks with a flexible payment gateway for business houses. It has also introduced a unique commission model for the HR recruiters and agencies for referring their checks.

KONCHECK is the most affordable compared to the other providers in this list. Here a Standard Employment Check will cost you only $41.50 and Volunteer Check $22.50 including GST.

Besides, KONCHECK also processes ‘Urgent Police Check’ absolutely free of cost. However, an urgent check is only possible on a few particular grounds. If you are eligible, they will process your check on a priority basis.

3. Veritas Check

Veritas Check also provides National Police Check for both individuals and organisations. They provide Criminal Record Checks for New Zealand as well.

They promise to deliver National Police Check results in 24 hours through a 100% online service.

The price for a Standard Employment Police Check through Veritas is $53, and the Volunteer Checks are for $23 including GST. They also provide a hard copy of the certificate for an additional $9.95 when the applicants require it.

4. CV Check

Starting operation from 2004, CVCheck is a leading provider of background screening services, performing more than 300,000 tests for company owners, hiring managers, HR and talent management teams each year in Australia and New Zealand.

It provides a wide range of Background Checks solutions for Individuals, Businesses and Enterprises. The services offered by this provider include:

  • National Police Check
  • Employee Reference Check
  • Employment & Qualification Check
  • VEVO and Work Entitlement Check
  • Traffic and Licence Checks
  • Credit, Financial & Business Checks
  • Predictive Psychometric Assessments
  • International Checks

A candidate/organisation can also order an online AFP Check through CVCheck. It will cost you $88 and the estimated delivery time is around 15 days. A National Police Check costs you $49.90, and most results can be returned within 1 day.

5. Checked

Checked is also a trusted name in the list of background screening providers and offers National Police Checks for an individual. It also equips a wide range of other checks including National Police Checks for organisations.

Checked comprehensive background checking services and packages for business organisations include:

  • Right to Work Checks
  • Bankruptcy Checks
  • International Police Checks
  • Driving History Checks
  • AML / CTF Checks
  • Identity Verification
  • Employee Reference Checks

Checked claims to return 70% of the checks within 1 hour. The price for Standard Employment check is $49, and Volunteer Check is $29 including GST.

6. Rapid Screening

Rapid Screening provides a wide array of services including AFP Checks.

It provides Pre-Employment Verification Check, and Qualification Check for job purposes and Visa and Work Entitlement Check for Immigration, Visa, Citizenship and jobs.

A candidate can obtain an AFP Check for purposes such as Immigration, Visa, Overseas Employment, Seeking Employment with Commonwealth Government from here, along with National Police Checks.

The cost for AFP Check is $72.90 while a Standard Employment Check will cost you $49. A Volunteer Check is priced $24.50. Rapid Screening introduced a new feature – “new phone order”. If someone wants to order over the phone, it will cost them an additional $15 on each order.

7. Australian National Character Check

Another leading provider is Australian National Character Check. Currently, it provides National Police Checks for individuals as well as business and workplaces. It soon will launch VEVO checks for business organisations. The base price for a Police Check is $46.

We hope that the comprehensive information provided in this article will assist you in selecting the best provider according to your needs. Many individuals and business houses trust these providers. So, you do not need to worry about their legitimacy while applying for your Police Check.

***Disclaimer: This article is a private opinion and does not constitute advice or any suggestion. We encourage you to seek your own professional advice to find out which businesses, products, services, websites or places are the best for you.

Margaret Williams
Margaret Williams
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