Want to spread brand awareness? Try these five effective quizzes

E-commerce has facilitated several businesses to expand their target markets across borders. Consumers also prefer to purchase their requirements online and the number of online buyers is rapidly increasing. It is evident from the fact that 58.3% of global internet users had bought products from e-commerce stores in 2016. This figure is forecasted to reach 63% in 2019.

While online commerce helps businesses expand their reach, it inadvertently increases the competition too. The result is that companies have to not only compete locally for influencing their customer base but internationally too.

One of the most effective ways to rise above this cut-throat competition is by creating a brand identity for your business. Many businesses understand the importance of branding and focus heavily on spreading their brand awareness on various digital platforms including social media.

However, most of these brands are trying the same old and mildly effective things like blog articles, infographics, status updates etc.

If you want to carve a niche for your brand, try the highly effective yet severely underutilized form of content– online quizzes! A multitude of quiz maker tools available in the market has made creating awesome quizzes a piece of cake.

5 Types of quizzes for spreading brand awareness

Quizzes are interactive in nature, and that makes them go viral so frequently. People automatically feel the urge to share such quizzes with their loved ones. Try one of these quiz forms to effectively spread awareness for your brand.

#1 Personality quiz

The results of personality quiz are not graded, rather they tend to categorize users into one of the pre-defined type. Let’s say your quiz is “Which Gemstone Are You?” You can ask some interesting questions like “What is your favorite color?”, “What is your response when someone cuts in front of your car?” etc. Based on their responses, the results can be “Ruby”, “Emerald” etc. You can define each gemstone with 2-3 paragraphs of description that reflects their personality.

This type of quiz perfectly matches product recommendations with the personality of your users. The closer your product recommendations are to your users’ requirements, the better are your chances of resonating with them.

No wonder brands are using them to learn about the psychology of their users and book a solid place in their conscience.

#2 Knowledge test

As opposed to personality quiz, a knowledge quiz gives results that are graded. These are typically, “How well do you actually know about (blank)” type of quizzes. Knowledge tests are also very successful because they pose a challenge to the users’ level of information regarding a particular topic. And who doesn’t like to take the good old challenge?

If your brand is slightly well-known, you can increase the awareness by directly asking questions about your brand itself. But if you are a startup, it makes sense that you ask indirect questions, possibly on a trending or popular topic and link it somehow with your brand.

Knowledge tests do a great job in publicizing your brand for free.

#3 Trivia quiz

Trivia quizzes are similar to knowledge tests but exclusively ask questions pertaining to pop culture and trending topics. Quizzes like “Are you really a hardcore fan of F.R.I.E.N.D.S?” are most likely to go viral as they relate to huge fan bases across varied topics.

Make sure that you correlate the results with your brand and reap the benefits of huge brand exposure with trivia quiz.

#4 Poll

Polls or surveys are another great type of quiz format that can help you in gaining widespread brand publicity. These are great for learning about the popular consensus of users regarding any topic.

Again, if you are a slightly known brand, you can create a poll with direct questions related to your brand. Otherwise, it’s better to stick with popular and trending topics.

#5 Checklist quiz

Checklist type quizzes are also gaining popularity on social media these days. Their format involves a single question with several answer choices that the quiz taker can mark. The answer choices are usually attributes related to the topic mentioned in question.

For example, the popular Buzzfeed quiz “How Hipster Are You Actually” has 35 items on its checklist. There are different fun results based on the level of hipster you are which provide great engagement in the comments section and social media platforms.

These quizzes tickle the primal need of belongingness in the users, making them ever so popular. Simply relate your results with your brand messaging and you are set on the path to increased brand awareness.

How to create a perfect quiz

How to create a perfect quiz
Photo: Christina Morillo, Pexels

Besides using the best-in-class quiz maker software, follow these steps to build the perfect quiz for gaining maximum brand exposure.

Choose a great title

The headline of your quiz is the single most critical factor in deciding its popularity. Great headlines are short, catchy and intrigue the user in clicking on it. Words like “actually” and “really” enhance the chances of getting clicked drastically.

Use images and GIFs

Text-heavy quizzes are more suitable for academic or educational purposes, rather than social quizzes. Make sure that you use images, GIFs and even videos to spice up your quiz and make it even more interactive and engaging for the audience.

Make it short and engaging

Brevity helps in keeping the users engaged with your quiz. Try to design to-the-point questions, answers, results and even the lead capture form.

Your lead capture form should only ask for email ID, first name and last name. That’s it. No mobile number or address is required. Lengthy lead capture forms deter the audience from filling the same.

Keep in touch after the quiz

Once you have got the lead details, it is advisable to build the momentum further by engaging with them through interesting and useful emails. Stay in touch with your consumers and keep sharing how awesome your brand is.


Quizzes have emerged as one of the most interactive and shareable content type. They have high potential for going viral; thanks to the level of engagement they create with users. Utilize quizzes to spread brand awareness on the internet.

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