Creative ways to write about your small business

Generating visibility and publicity is important. In fact, for man small business, it’s crucial. Unless you’re moving your small business online and already have a client base, you need to build one from scratch – and in order to do so, you need to make your business visible.

But doing so could be a real challenge for many small business owners, especially when they cannot afford to hire someone to handle the job yet. Don’t worry though: today I’m going to offer you some creative tips on how to write about your small business to attract attention.

  1. Tell stories.

People love stories – and every business, big or small, usually has one. You can always use it to make your brand look more human, describe how and why it could change lives of other people, tell your potential clients about your mission, and so on.

Of course, simply stating the facts won’t help you get such results – you need to make the story not only honest but also emotive and vivid. To do so, check out the existing storytelling techniques and consider using one of them.

  1. Don’t do what the others do.

Most likely you monitor your competitors to find out what do they do for promotion. There’s a chance that you also copy what they do to achieve the same results.

This, however, is not effective. Your competitor’s clients won’t leave them for you when you’re doing the same things they do. And copying someone else’s strategies could only make it more difficult for other people to find you – after all, this way you won’t be doing something that makes you stand out.

So trying doing something different. Your competitors write about their own successes and news only? Focus on creating more general content that would be useful to your audience – for example, share some tips for writing a literature review outline if your audience is students. Your competitors write texts only? Try creating great visuals for your texts (images, photos, infographics, etc.) or hire someone to do that for you.

  1. Write something big enough.

Do you know one of the most effective ways to build your email list and get your content shared? Offer your subscribers something valuable – something they won’t be able to get elsewhere. Most often such content is eBooks of a different kind, PDF spreadsheets, and so on.

Of course, even when they come in exchange for subscription, you cannot guarantee that only your subscribers will get them – but that’s not the point. Sure, they most likely are going to share such content with their friends (assuming the content is valuable), but as long as it’s branded you’ll still benefit from it, being able to build your authority.

One of the best examples of such content would be an eBook with various business tips and hacks that tells the story of your small business while giving useful information at the same time.

  1. Find what makes you extraordinary.

Every small business has their own mission and values – but there’s one more thing that is just as important: what makes you unique. Maybe your small business’s name is already enough because it helps you stand out. Maybe it’s the writing style you want to invest in. Maybe it’s the approach you would want to use for your writing – for example, incorporate stories into each one of your posts.

Think about things that could give your business the edge it needs – and use them in your writing.

  1. Focus on your customers.

Sure, when you write about your small business, you need to tell your story, explain your mission, and build a certain image. However, you need to focus on your customers at the same time and not make it too «you-oriented».

Any business depends on its customers and so it’s important to show that yours exists not separated from them but for them. You could do so in every text you write, starting from the «About us» page and ending with your blog posts. The trick is to find the right style and to do your best to focus the texts on your clients, not you.

Of course, the best way to increase your small business’s visibility is to hire a professional writer who could do the job for you. But if that’s not an option at the moment, you or your employees would be able to handle the job as well.

Sure, in this case, it might take some time and efforts before you learn how to write about your small business in the best way possible and how to promote it as effectively as you can. But as long as you’ll continue trying, experimenting with ways and approaches, and measuring the results, you will get there.

Sophia Clark
Sophia Clark
Sophia Clark graduated from the University of the City of New York with B.A. in Journalism, 2011. She is a creative writer from New York who loves to share her thoughts with readers. In her free time, she enjoys writing fiction as well as reading it. Her big dream is to publish a novel one day.
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