5 best father’s day gifts

Father’s Day is coming up fast, and if your Dad is anything like mine then you have absolutely no idea what he wants! It’s not like you can get away with a scented candle and flowers like you can for Mother’s Day, and you can’t just keep giving him a Bunnings gift card every year  – besides, you want to get him something different, something interesting that he will enjoy.

Never fear! If you want to get your Dad something a little different that shows that you have put thought and effort into finding something, then here are the 5 best Father’s Day gifts you can give him:

Gift Idea #1: Wine

Best wine in Australia
A nice bottle of wine is an easy and successful gift option. Photo: Rido81, Bigstock.

It’s becoming more and more common for people to drink wine with dinner instead of beer, and Dads often will bring a bottle or two of red to a dinner party or function (and, inevitably, compete with each other to see who brought the nicest bottle). A few bottles of wine to add to his collection is therefore a great Father’s Day gift!

If you want to give Dad some wine but don’t want it to simply be something he can pick up himself from the bottle shop, try browsing through the selection from Dawine.  You will almost certainly find a wine that your Dad will love. Rest assured, he probably hasn’t tried any of these variations on the classics before.

Dawine stocks affordable, high quality wines from around the world, so it’s the best place to find your Dad something exotic (he’ll love bragging about his collection of French reds next time he has some friends to dinner).  Even the Australian wines they stock are less recognised brands, so that the wines you give Dad will be something different to what he’s tried before.

best wine in australia
You may stumble on your dad’s new favourite from choosing exotic and interesting flavours. Photo: Alex_Ugalek, Bigstock.

Giving your Dad a few bottles from Dawine can also be a way for him to start collecting wines, if he needs a new hobby. Wine collecting can be a fascinating activity, and it’s also a good excuse for Dad to go on a few wine tasting weekends – and maybe even take you with him!

The site also has a lot of information about wine storage and food matching, so direct Dad there after you give him his present to both a) teach him what to do with his new fine wines and b) pretend he knows what he’s talking about next time he gets into a conversation about wine collecting!

Gift Idea #2: An Experience

cooking class
Experiences are a special gift that allow you to share an important memory together. Photo: GeorgeRudy, Bigstock.

If your Dad enjoys getting out of the house, a voucher for an experience could be the perfect Father’s Day gift! Whether he’s the adventurous type or more of a foodie, you can find good deals for any experience from skydiving to brewery tours on Red Balloon.

If he’s into racing, for example, you could give Dad a go at driving a V8 race car around a motorsport track, or you could send him deep sea fishing for a day if he’s a fisherman (or just to get him out of Mum’s hair) – you can even get him a ride in a genuine combat tank, which almost any man will think is a very cool experience.

Most of the vouchers you can give your Dad are for two people, so if it’s something you enjoy together like fishing then you can go with him, or he can take a friend along (or even Mum if she insists). An experience that you know Dad will enjoy and that he wouldn’t buy for himself can be the perfect gift to show him how much you appreciate him.

Gift Idea #3: A Home Brew Kit

beer time
Drinking a beer is even more satisfying when you’ve made it yourself. Photo: PeterKraayvanger, Pixabay.

Maybe your Dad is more the kind of person who enjoys having a project to work on at home. In that case, a beer brewing kit can keep him busy and happy for weeks at a time, as well as giving him a new conversation topic and letting you enjoy tasting his creations.

Coopers sell their own home brewing kit which is a good way for Dad to get started and learn about brewing his own beer. If your Dad has already been dabbling in brewing his own beer, you can help him to take the next step by getting him the raw ingredients from BrewSmith to experiment with.

Once he’s comfortable with brewing beer, your Dad can even move on into distilling spirits at home if he really wants to mix things up. There is a whole world of home brewing to explore, so getting a starter kit for Father’s Day can keep your Dad interested for a lifetime!

Gift Idea #4: A Coffee Machine

best fathers day gift
An espresso pod machine will provide your dad with better quality coffee for his morning routine. Photo: Rawpixel, Pixabay.

A near universal trait amongst Dads is drinking coffee in the morning, but for some reason most of them drink instant, or at best filter, coffee. While a full espresso machine might be a bit complicated to expect Dad to use first thing in the morning, getting an espresso pod machine will let him explore flavours and enjoy his coffee with next to no effort!

If Dad wants to be like George Clooney, you can order him a Nespresso pod machine and a few different flavours of coffee pods to get him started – although there are also other brands of pod machines that do much the same thing.

Nescafe Dolce Gusto machines and pods can let him simulate a latte, mocha, flat white or hot chocolate, as well as simply pouring out black coffee, so it’s a good one to get if you want Dad to explore his coffee a bit more.

Gift Idea #5: A New Barbecue

barbecue with friends
Aussie dad’s are notorious for a famous barbecue, so it’s a perfect gift idea. Photo: Nd3000, Pixabay.

Virtually every Dad in Australia barbecues (and thinks barbecuing makes him a chef) at least semi regularly, but they also often don’t replace the barbie itself nearly as often as they should. If your Dad’s BBQ rusts, or doesn’t contain the heat as well as it used to, maybe you should get him a new one for Father’s Day.

Getting a barbecue for Father’s Day will not only mean that Dad will get a gift that he probably needs and will definitely use, it also lets you fulfil the great Australian tradition of children buying their Dad presents from Bunnings!

If you really want your Dad to feel fancy, you could even get him a wood fired barbecue that doubles as a pizza oven! Far more complicated to use and control the heat on than a regular gas barbecue, Dads nationwide seem to think that wood fired barbecues give them an instant one-up on all their friends.

Final Thoughts

So there you go – your Dad is guaranteed to love at least one of these 5 Father’s Day gift ideas! With gifts like wine, a beer brewing kit or an activity voucher, the best part is that you will be able to give him the same kind of thing next year if he likes it, while you’ll also benefit from a new barbecue or a coffee machine whenever you are home.

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