Best essay writing tips for your assignment

There’s no question about it – essay writing can be tough! Whether you’re writing an assignment on history or Shakespeare, it can be hard to nail the brief and write that perfect response your teacher is looking for.

No matter what topic your essay is on, there are some key rules you should be following in order to ensure your paper is well-presented and of good quality.

Analyse the question

It might seem like a no-brainer, but ask yourself if your essay is really answering the question or addressing the assigned topic you were given. The best thing to do is to analyse the question before you start so that you know you are on the right track.

Analyse the question
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Whether you were given a question or topic, think about what kind of response it is prompting. Dissect it and ensure you are addressing all aspects of it. Then develop a suitable thesis in response to your topic – this will make sure you are setting out a clear argument in your essay.

Form a writing plan

While some things can be done spontaneously, essay writing is not one of them. To write the best assignment, you need to make sure your argument is coherent and flows well. To do this, you should start with outlining your response through a plan.

Start from taking some notes about your ideas. This plan should include the main points and components of your essay. While it doesn’t need to be incredibly detailed, you should have an idea of what each paragraph is talking about and ensure you have the evidence and argument to support each point.

This is extremely helpful in ensuring your essay has good structure! Having a plan makes sure you aren’t revisiting the same point throughout your paper and your points aren’t jumbled. Remember – your marker has probably gone through a bunch of papers before reaching your response and you want it to set forward your argument clearly.

Use online resources

If you’re struggling to think of what to write about, online resources are often your best bet. While you were probably warned against using Wikipedia or SparkNotes, they can be a good way to revisit the basics of your topic and gain an idea of what your response could be centered on. That being said, they should strictly be a launch pad for your essay writing process, not credible sources or references!

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As long as you’re not directly taking your arguments from online resources, you should utilize them in order to improve the strength of your response. Academic journal articles are also a great way to support your points and show that you’re doing your research by presenting credible critics!

Be clear and concise

According to ABC Assignment Help, one of the common mistakes of essay writing is that people believe they need to write in an overly intellectual way in order for their paper to have credibility and sound good. This isn’t true – in fact, it can often have the opposite effect!

If you have a good, solid argument, the best way to present it is in a clear and concise way. Using flowery language for no reason will just detract from the points that you are making and can also make it hard to figure out your argument. That doesn’t mean you should write extremely colloquially – you should have just the right balance to present the complexity of your argument without making it more complex than needed!

In other words – it should be your ideas that are complex and interesting, rather than the language you are using. Ensure that your points are clear and easy to understand, and avoid repeating things unnecessarily.

Proofread your response

One of the best ways to ensure your paper is saying what you really want it to is to proofread it. You can always ask some essay writers who can help you with your assignment. A good way to do so is to read your paper out loud. That way you can not only pick out grammar and punctuation errors, but ensure that your assignment has good flow and a logical argument.

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You should also get someone to trust to read your response as well – this ensures that your argument makes sense to others, which is important in the marking process! Different people notice different things, and getting someone else to read over your response gives you another perspective on your essay and how to improve it.

Essay writing can be hard, but if you follow the key steps, you’ll be mastering your assignments in no time! Remember that you can ask your teacher to confirm the details of your assignment and ensure you’re on the right track.

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