5 Best coffee beans for espresso

When it comes to brewing the perfect espresso, choosing the right coffee beans is crucial. The flavor, aroma, and overall quality of your espresso depend greatly on the beans you use. With a wide variety of options available, it can be challenging to find the best coffee beans for your espresso machine.

To make your search easier, we have curated a list of five top-notch coffee bean brands that consistently deliver exceptional espresso. Let’s dive in and explore these exceptional options!

Top Coffee Shops with best coffee beans for espresso are:

1. Eighteen Grams

Eighteen Grams

Eighteen Grams it is the number 1 in Australia! Coffee roaster based in Australia. They are renowned for their meticulous sourcing and roasting techniques, ensuring a remarkable espresso experience.

Their coffee beans are carefully selected from sustainable and ethical sources worldwide. With a focus on single-origin and specialty blends, Eighteen Grams offers a diverse range of flavors and intensities to cater to every espresso lover’s preference.

>Their popular blends are here <

Eighteen Grams

2. Seven Miles

Seven Miles

Seven Miles, an Australian coffee brand with a rich heritage, is committed to delivering excellence in every cup. They meticulously source premium coffee beans from various regions worldwide and roast them to perfection.

Their espresso beans are known for their balanced flavors, rich aromas, and smooth finishes. Whether you prefer a bold and robust espresso or a more nuanced and delicate cup, Seven Miles has a range of blends to satisfy every taste.

making espresso

3. Veneziano Coffee Roasters

Veneziano Coffee Roasters

Veneziano Coffee Roasters has established a stellar reputation in the specialty coffee industry. With a strong emphasis on sustainability and ethical sourcing, they are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality coffee beans.

Their expertise lies in crafting unique espresso blends that offer a harmonious balance of acidity, body, and sweetness. Veneziano’s beans undergo meticulous roasting, resulting in a rich and vibrant espresso experience.

4. Market Lane

Market Lane

Market Lane, a Melbourne-based coffee roaster, has gained a loyal following for its commitment to quality and transparency. They work directly with coffee producers, building strong relationships and ensuring fair trade practices.

Market Lane’s espresso beans are carefully selected and skillfully roasted to highlight the inherent flavors of the coffee. From fruity and bright to chocolatey and rich, their range of espresso beans caters to diverse palates.

5. Campos Coffee

Campos Coffee

Campos Coffee, founded in Australia, is dedicated to sourcing specialty coffee beans from renowned coffee-growing regions. They prioritize sustainable practices and work closely with farmers to foster long-term partnerships.

Campos’ espresso beans are known for their full-bodied profiles, exceptional sweetness, and well-balanced acidity. Whether you enjoy a single-origin espresso or a carefully crafted blend, Campos Coffee offers an array of options to elevate your coffee experience.


Finding the best coffee beans for espresso can be a subjective quest, but these five brands consistently deliver exceptional quality and flavor. Eighteen Grams, Seven Miles, Veneziano Coffee Roasters, Market Lane, and Campos Coffee are renowned for their commitment to sourcing and roasting premium beans.

Each brand offers a unique selection of espresso beans, catering to different flavor preferences and intensities. Whether you prefer a bold and robust cup or a more nuanced and delicate experience, these brands have you covered. So, go ahead and embark on a delightful journey as you explore the world of espresso with these top-notch coffee beans.

How to choose the best coffee beans for espresso:

Selecting the right coffee beans for your espresso machine is essential to achieving a delicious and satisfying cup of espresso. With countless options available, it can be overwhelming to determine which beans are best suited for your brewing preferences.

In this article, we will guide you through the key factors to consider when choosing coffee beans for espresso, ensuring that you make an informed decision and enjoy a truly exceptional espresso experience.

How to choose the best coffee beans for espresso

Roast level:

The roast level of coffee beans plays a vital role in determining the flavor profile of your espresso. For a traditional espresso, it is recommended to opt for medium to medium-dark roasted beans.

These roasts provide a balance between acidity and body, resulting in a well-rounded cup with rich flavors. However, if you prefer a bolder and more intense espresso, a dark roast can deliver a robust taste with pronounced caramel and chocolate notes.

Bean origin:

The origin of the coffee beans greatly influences their flavor characteristics. Different regions produce beans with distinct profiles, offering a wide range of flavors to explore. For instance, beans from South and Central America tend to be well-balanced with medium acidity and notes of chocolate and nuts.

African beans often exhibit vibrant acidity, floral aromas, and fruity undertones. Meanwhile, beans from Asia Pacific can display earthy, spicy, and even smoky flavors. Consider your flavor preferences and experiment with beans from different origins to find your ideal espresso profile.

Single-origin or blends:

Decide whether you prefer single-origin beans or blends for your espresso. Single-origin beans provide a unique flavor experience, allowing you to appreciate the distinct characteristics of coffee from a specific region or farm.

On the other hand, blends combine different beans to create a harmonious flavor profile. Blends are often crafted to achieve a consistent taste and balance, making them a popular choice for espresso. Try both options and see which one suits your palate better.


Freshly roasted coffee beans are crucial for a flavorful espresso. Look for roasters or suppliers who provide information about the roast date or have a reputation for roasting beans to order.

Ideally, aim to use beans within two to four weeks of their roast date to ensure optimal freshness. Avoid pre-ground coffee as it tends to lose its aroma and flavor quickly. Instead, purchase whole beans and grind them just before brewing to maximize freshness.

Consider the crema:

Espresso is known for its rich, caramel-colored crema that sits atop the coffee. If you value a thick and creamy crema, pay attention to the beans’ crema-producing potential. Arabica beans are generally known to produce better crema due to their higher oil content. Additionally, a fresh roast and proper extraction techniques contribute to a satisfying crema. Look for beans that have a reputation for producing a luscious and long-lasting crema to enhance your espresso experience.

roasted coffee beans

Choosing the best coffee beans for espresso requires considering various factors such as roast level, origin, single-origin vs. blends, freshness, and crema potential. By exploring different options and experimenting with your preferences, you can discover the perfect beans that complement your desired espresso flavors.

Remember to prioritize freshness and quality, as these factors significantly impact the overall taste and enjoyment of your espresso. So go ahead, embark on a delightful coffee journey, and savor the rich and aromatic experience that a well-chosen espresso bean can deliver.

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