Top benefits of using a canvas tote bag for your shopping

These days, more and more people are becoming conscious of the fact that canvas tote bags are a highly fashionable and useful accessory for carrying your shopping. Not only are they more environmentally friendly than their plastic counterparts, but they are a great way to show off some printed art. These are just some of the many benefits of using a canvas tote bag and why you should be considering purchasing one for all of your future shopping trips.

Top benefits of using a canvas tote bag for your shopping

They are stylish

For those who like to look stylish on their weekly shopping trip, a cute printed art tote bag like the ones from Doukei are the perfect addition to any outfit. Canvas tote bags are a nice change from the typical plastic shopping bags and are a great way to make a statement and stand out in the supermarket. You can even add a phrase or promotional slogan if you feel like it. With plenty of options to choose from and a range of designs or patterns, there’s no limit to the print that you can display on your bag. So next time you go shopping, why not add a splash of colour to your outfit?

Better for the environmentA black recyclable canvas tote bag with many benefits for shopping hanging on a coat hanger.

The key reason that many are using these bags for shopping is because they are far more environmentally friendly than plastic bags. Canvas shopping bags are recyclable as they can be used time and time again without wearing out. Instead of using multiple plastic bags for your shopping, you can use one or two sturdy canvas tote bags and reduce the amount of plastic waste that you contribute to the world. Tote bags are less likely to break, can fit plenty of items, and are made from environmentally friendly materials. Reusing a canvas shopping bag will not only benefit you, but the world around you too.

Cost effective

Being conscious of the environment is becoming more important for not only consumers, but businesses as well. Because of this, many stores and supermarkets have begun charging you money if you wish to use a plastic bag. To avoid incurring these charges, bringing your own canvas tote bag is an easy and practical solution. These bags can be a one time purchase and will last you for years, ensuring that you never have to pay for unnecessary plastic bags when you are out shopping again.

ConvenientA green canvas tote shopping bag on a white chair with a plant.

Canvas shopping bags are incredibly convenient to use for many reasons. Not only do they have plenty of space to store all of the items that you need, but they are also able to be easily taken anywhere with you. Tote bags, although robust, can be rolled up into the smallest sizes to fit in any pocket or handbag. This means that you can always have it on you wherever you are, as you never know when the need for one may arise. Some canvas tote bags even come with zippers to protect the items inside. On top of this, they rarely break, so can be relied on time and time again. This convenience and ease of use is another important reason that many choose to depend on them to carry their shopping.


Canvas tote bags are highly popular for a reason. Not only is a recyclable printed art tote bag an exciting fashion statement, they are also easy to use, cost effective, and better for the environment than plastic shopping bags. With no limit to the designs available, they are a reliable and eco-friendly way for you to express yourself on your next supermarket run.

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