Benefit of shopping for electrical supplies online

More constituents are finding joy sourcing their electrical supplies online rather than in store in 2019.

Of course there will electricians, trades professionals and DIY operators who will get more satisfaction from good old fashioned in-store shopping.

Yet there is no denying the power of the digital marketplace and this is where we will place our focus to argue why it is a superior exercise to local goods.

More product choice

Firstly, electrical supplies don’t need to worry about shelf space. There is no need to fret about couriers. It is not reliant on the store assistant finishing their lunch break and making the call down to the supply room. This is a free and open domain where shoppers can scour the web and venture from one cable brand to an isolator, from one circuit breaker to another switchfuse or a wire to an electrical conduit. All of the brands are there to be sourced, including a variety of images, descriptions and shipping options that are suitable for the consumer. Electrical supplies can now be obtained through a global network, connecting suppliers and shoppers from Asia to North and South America, Europe, Africa and Australia alike. There are no barriers and limitless amounts of choice.

Greater level of convenience

Sourcing electrical supplies doesn’t have to be a pressurised and time consuming endeavour. In fact, it doesn’t have to involve leaving the lounge room or bedroom. For individuals it can be hard fitting into the schedule a visit to the local store given work, family and social commitments, forcing rushed decisions that are a long way from convenient. Undertaking this task online ensures that there is 24/7 convenience at any time of the day or night, irrespective if it is a weekend or public holiday. Forget business hours and waiting for a park and fighting for a specialist’s attention.

Leveraging discounts and loyalty points

There are wholesalers and retailers who do offer their clients a discounts or loyalty rewards card to be used for each purchase. However, the ability for shoppers to actually remember their physical card is not always evident and especially with brands who have established a peer-to-peer network to issue these rewards and discounts including electrical supplies, it is difficult for customers to know what they are entitled to. With online providers the choice is simply as the transaction will give individuals a chance to include their unique discount rate and apply that across the board.

Real time supply tracking

In 2019 it is now easier for shoppers of electrical supplies to actually track the location of their goods in real time. Whilst this is a new advent for the local mail provider, this has been a feature for a number of years now within the industry. Those who have been sourcing their goods offline have simply had to wait upon an email or phone call from the business as they have been forced to patiently wait for any updates or news. In this setting, shoppers have an ID number and a digital map showcased on a dashboard. This will allow the user to see where the product has been shipped, where it is routed to and when the expected delivery time will be.


Purchasing electrical supplies is a great benefit for residential and commercial operators who can access top of the line equipment at the click of a button. It should be noted that there are outlets who have a higher set of standards and credentials than their peers. This can be found with outlets who offer comprehensive warranty guarantees, return policy protections and safe payment options. Double check the credentials of these suppliers and then forge ahead with the shopping endeavour.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
Executive Editor at Best in Australia. Mike has spent over a decade covering news related to business leaders and entrepreneurs around Australia and across the world. You can contact Mike here.
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