Why your business needs to implement busylights

Busylights are a small but powerful device that is taking the modern workplace by storm. These devices have the potential to fully revolutionise an office space’s productivity for a small investment. Don’t let the price tag deter you from transforming your office. The pros and long term benefits of this investment will greatly outweigh the initial set up cost that you will have to shell out.

If you aren’t convinced about the results from countless businesses, below we are going to list of just some of the reasons why your business needs to implement busylights.

Understanding what they do

To truly understand how they can benefit you, first you must understand how they work and the goal behind them. In open office layouts you have a lot of collaboration and conversation naturally. The goal of these devices is to cut back on the time that is wasted when people get up out of their seat to speak with a colleague who is busy or is on the phone with a client.

The devices emit a colour that indicates what their current status is and whether or not they are available to talk. Green indicates they are free, amber indicates that they are away and red is essentially a do not disturb. They can also be customised emit certain tones for when you are receiving a call. This is a good way to distinguish who is getting a call in crowded offices with multiple people running the same software.

They will improve your productivity

The first and more obvious reason why you should be investing in these devices is that they will improve your company’s productivity immensely. When people want to chat with a colleague all they have to do is look up and see if the status of their busylight before they get out of their seat. If the colour is not green they can simply just continue with what they are doing without getting up. There has been countless studies and hours of research that show distractions in the work place can be quite hard to recover from. It can take up to 40 minutes to get back into the groove of things once your concentration is lost.

In the business world time is money so think about all of the money you will be saving now that people aren’t getting distracted. With a short introduction on how to use the devices your company will see productivity like no other.

They are perfect for the modern business

Modern problems require modern solutions and a busylight is the perfect addition to the modern workspace. For starters, clients that are coming through your office for a meeting will definitely notice them which is a great conversation starter. You then get the opportunity to talk to your clients on how much your company values their time and productivity amongst the workforce. Time lost is money lost and being able to show that to your clients may win you back a contract or two in the long run.

Additionally busylights are great as they can be updated with ease to be able to work with all the new and upcoming web based meeting platforms. Most businesses use or have used Skype in one point or another. As newer platforms are being created you want to be sure that you are equipped to make the shift. Busylights can be updated by simply downloading the latest firmware online where the developers would have already made them functional with the latest tools. Microsoft teams is a great example that is already compatible with leading busylight brands.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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