Barbara Palvin shades ex Justin Bieber over Dylan Sprouse comparison

Barbara Palvin is zero percent convinced as Justin Bieber claimed he “looked so similar” to Dylan and Cole Sprouse as kids.

Sorry, Justin your ex just isn’t having it. Palvin responded to Bieber’s claims during the Harper’s Bazaar Icon party held in the City of New York. The Hungarian model spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the matter and she had a short but sweet reaction.

“No one can be compared to the Sprouse twins,” Palvin says of her beau Dylan and his twin brother Cole.

The model’s remarks came not long after Bieber shared a collage of him and the Sprouse twins on Instagram. “I coulda subbed in for them for big daddy,” the singer captioned the post. The “Love Yourself” crooner referred to Adam Sandler’s 1999 film, Big Daddy in which the Sprouse twins starred alongside him both as Julian McGrath. See the singer’s post below:

Palvin even flat out said “I don’t agree” to Bieber’s recently posted claim.

While on hand, the model shared an endearing revelation to ET about missing Dylan as she attends this year’s New York Fashion Week.

“I wish he was here,” she shares. “I feel very empty and, like, lonely right now.”

The couple previously shared an announcement on Instagram that they had moved in together in what seems to be an apartment in New York back in January. WIth that being said it’s not hard to imagine that Palvin is longing for her boyfriend who is currently in Los Angeles, California. But the model reveals that they FaceTime each other every day to ease the pain.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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