Aziz Ansari is accused of sexual misconduct by anonymous woman

The Hollywood comedian and actor Aziz Ansari is the latest male celebrity to be accused of sexual misconduct. The accusation came shortly after the Golden Globes awards, which Ansari attended.

The woman making the accusation said that she has spoken up about her victimisation by Ansari after she saw him wearing a “Time’s Up” badge at the awards ceremony, a level of hypocrisy that she resented.

The woman, who has yet to reveal her identify, proved her relationship with Ansari via text messages between her and him. She said that last year she went on a date with the 34-year-old actor who took her back to his New York City apartment in Tribeca.

Claiming she was 22-year-old at the time, the woman explained that Ansari had forcibly performed oral sex on her whilst also sticking his fingers in her throat as she showed signs of non-consent. The woman said she had expressed her non-consent by pulling away and mumbling.

When Ansari asked her to perform oral sex on him, she did, although she revealed that she did because she felt pressured. After this continued, she directly expressed her discomfort by saying “I’m not ready to do this”.

Ansari allegedly stopped his advances and put on a TV show, suggesting that they “chill” with their clothes on. After a while the woman claims he resumed his advances.

She responded by stating she wanted to go home and that Ansari should call her a cab, which he did. She texted Ansari the next day and said that she was upset he had not listened to her verbal and non-verbal hints that indicated he should have stopped.

Ansari allegedly apologised in response, claiming that he had “misread things” during the engagement. The photos the woman provided of the text messages were posted online by TMZ shortly after the Golden Globe awards.

The award ceremony, at which Ansari won a best actor award, had an overall theme of addressing recent cases of sexual misconduct in Hollywood as part of the #MeToo campaign which started in response to multiple allegations against Harvey Weinstein who’s case is pending the results of an investigation.

The woman said that it was “painful” and “cringeworthy” to watch Ansari accept an award at an event that featured so many strong statements against sexual misconduct. She said that seeing Ansari on stage rekindled her anger about her experience with him, claiming it was “the worst” interaction with a man she had ever had.

Ansari has himself not made any comments in regard to these allegations.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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