Kim and Kanye announce arrival of their third child

Celebrity power couple Kayne West and Kim Kardashian have officially welcomed a new child to their growing family. In an announcement posted on her website titled “she’s here!” Kim wrote that the family had welcomed the arrival of a “healthy, beautiful baby girl”.

In the post, Kim thanked the surrogate who had “made our dreams come true” and the “wonderful doctors and nurses” who helped with the delivery of her new child. Kim also expressed that her previous children North and Saint West were “especially thrilled” to have a new sister arriving.

The surrogate, who has remained anonymous, gave birth on Monday with the child weighing in at just over 3 kilograms. The surrogate is said to live in San Diego but it is unknown if they gave birth locally or travelled to Los Angeles where the other West children were delivered.

The couple used a surrogate because Kim has a life-threatening condition called placenta accreta, which cause complications in the midst of the birth of Saint, her second child. The first embryo implanted into the surrogate was lost and Kim spoke publically about her fears that this would mean the couple could not have another child.

In her long running reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim explained to her sister Khloe that she was worried because there was only a “60 percent chance” the embryo would be accepted by the surrogate’s body. Kim went on to say that it took her and Kanye a year to find the right surrogate to carry their third child.

Kim said it proved to be a very “difficult” task to find someone who would be an ideal surrogate. She explained that finding a surrogate that “you could really trust” was much more difficult than people imagine.

Kim went on to say that there were several check-ups of the surrogate including their lifestyle, diet and psychological profile to ensure that they were appropriate. She said that while the surrogate was a fan of her show she was not a “superfan” and was chosen because she related to Kim’s struggle with her condition.

The Kardashian family is experiencing a sort of baby boom with recent news that Kim’s sister Khloe is expected to have a baby boy in late March with her boyfriend.  Kylie Jenner has not confirmed her pregnancy with her boyfriend but she is expected to give birth next month.

There was much speculation on Twitter regarding what name Kim and Kanye would give their new child with some of the most voted picks being Faith, Princess and Angel.

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Christian Woods
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