Ashley Tisdale thanks Alcoholics Anonymous amidst Coronavirus outbreak

Ashley Tisdale thanked Alcoholics Anonymous last Sunday for giving a hand to those who can’t leave their houses in the midst of the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak.

Alcoholics Anonymous, a global fellowship helps its members to stay sober and help recovering alcoholics attain sobriety. A.A. provides a twelve-step recovery process that is now available via streaming applications that will help assist recovering alcoholics in quarantine while waiting for the pandemic to die down. This is in the midst of a global shut down where social distancing is required to help curb the spread of COVID-19.

The actress tweeted out her gratitude for Alcoholics Anonymous’ new streaming service for their meetings in which she shared that her husband Christopher French was able to stream his favorite meeting.

French retweeted Tisdale’s tweet and added his own insight on the service. French added that it is an amazing resource to be able to remotely access the 12-step recovery meetings from the comfort of your own home. He also went to his Instagram account to continue sharing the news. He said that he was elated that he got to connect with one of his favorite recovery meetings via the Zoom app. French added that it was good to see that these helpful resources are being utilized to help connect people in a good way rather than spreading fear via the news and that if you are struggling, don’t hesitate to go online and ask around. The composer-producer concluded that people can find ways to connect with others in any community while being at home during this time of social-distancing and self-quarantine.

People in recovery usually congregate in public places like community centers or churches to attend AA meetings but with the worldwide emergency forcing people to stay at home to help slow down the virus, such meetings are not advisable at the moment.

Kenny Pomerance, co-founder of the online recovery community In The Rooms sat down with USA Today and mentioned that if people are scared to go out and attend an AA meeting because of the viral pandemic, they are more prone to a relapse especially the people who are in the early stages of their recovery process. Pomerance added that they have done their best to orchestrate a unique platform that provides care and warmth that any person in recovery get in an in-person meeting.

The ongoing Coronavirus outbreak has been affecting literally all aspects of life for everyone across the globe but people have been rising up to the situation managing to find ways to continue with their daily lives while trying their best to not put others at risk.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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