Seth Rogen gets stoned, live-tweets while watching Cats

Seth Rogen is one of those celebrities that doesn’t shy away from the fact that he smokes weed had a peculiar night last Tuesday while adhering to the whole social distancing protocol.

The comedian tweeted that he decided to watch the film adaptation of the iconic Broadway musical, Cats, and with some weed and his comedic wit, the actor went to town live-tweeting his experience.

He opened his barrage of tweets by saying that he was pretty stoned and is watching cats, setting up the hour-long of hilarious tweets reacting to the badly-received movie. Rogen went on to say that he had never seen a Broadway show and that it was a trip, asking if should he know what a Jellicle was because they have mentioned the term 200,000 times but he doesn’t know what was happening.

Rogen endured while trying to deduce the comedy of it all like why did some of the cats wore pants while others did not. The actor wondered if the milk bar was for humans or for cats, asking if the movie was in Clockwork Orange world, tripping out real hard.

The mixture of being high and his comedic impulses did not end there. Rogen then pondered how it was hard for him to get actors to rehearse for 20 minutes but they had the actors in cats train to lick their hands and rub their hair, being astounded by one of the many facets of director Tom Hooper’s handiwork.

The comedian then said that Judi Dench’s iteration of Old Deuteronomy seemed to be the most cuddly. Rogen also marveled at the plentiful supply of neon-colored lights in 1930s London where the movie was set and deplored the fact that Gus the Theatre Cat played by Sir Ian McKellen had normal human fingers.

He also was hysterical saying that the cats wore white Chuck Taylors and noted that the song Memory straight up came out of nowhere. The comedian spared actor Idris Elba though, saying that he’ll leave Idris Elba out of this out of respect.

Idris Elba who was tested positive for the Coronavirus last Monday is currently dealing with personal issues at the moment. He plays the cat Macavity in the movie.

After a while, the comedian decided to say goodbye to his followers saying that he was turning the movie off and will watch 90-day fiancé, telling his followers to stay clean.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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