The world shows support for Tom Hanks after Coronavirus diagnosis

This recent Coronavirus debacle has the world turning everyone into germaphobes and with good reason. It seems like nobody is exempt from it especially if people don’t take the necessary precautions.

Two days ago, Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson. Tom was busy filming in Australia for an Elvis Presley biographical feature this last week, the couple fell ill to the spreading Coronavirus which can be easily mistaken for flu-like symptoms if the pandemic hasn’t been spreading like wildfire in the past couple of months.

Tom posted in his Instagram account an update on their current situation. The actor stated that he and his wife felt tired and felt like they had a cold accompanied by body aches. The actor decided to have themselves tested and that they found out that their test came back positive.

The actor added that based on the protocols of medical officials, he and his wife will be observed and tested while being put into isolation to prevent spreading the disease to other people. Tom also noted that the only thing they can do is take a one-day-at-a-time approach in their current situation.

In a separate post where the actor took a selfie with his wife Rita, he thanked everyone especially the people of Australia for taking good care of them while they are under quarantine and under observation. The actor added that all of us should take the advice of experts and take care of not just ourselves but for other people as well.

This diagnosis came as a shock to everyone around the world especially the fans that follow the actor. The spread of the virus has had everyone on high alert but the news that Hanks and his wife contracted it gives a whole new level of concern for people.

Hollywood has seemed to be having a meltdown alongside Tom’s fans, celebrities like stand-up comic Whitney Cummings tweeted took a lighter approach in reacting to the situation saying that Tom Hanks is the guy who would play the lead in a movie about the Coronavirus; Tim Allen, Tom’s Toy Story co-star said (as Buzz Lightyear) that he should have made two space suits and said that Tom and his wife should rest up and get well; Ellen DeGeneres also tweeted the actor and his wife, wishing them both a speedy recovery.

Tom’s son, actor Colin Hanks also issued a statement on his Twitter showing his appreciation for all the support his parents have been receiving while recovering in Australia. He also stated that even if they haven’t seen each other in almost a month (Colin is in Los Angeles), he has been in constant contact with his parents and is very confident that they will make a complete recovery.

In light of this current global pandemic, people should always remember and keep in mind to not only ensure to make yourself healthier but at the same time, spread kindness and love to everyone else and not worry too much. Twitter user @ShooterMcGavin_ said that if Tom Hanks can survive being marooned on an island by himself for years, he can beat this virus, having a bit of fun while having the confidence that people can overcome this illness.

Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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