Airbnb clone : foray into the hospitality industry with an online marketplace app like Airbnb


Who doesn’t love travelling? We all would love to visit different places to enjoy our vacation. But planning a tour is not an easy task. You have to finalize the itinerary and make necessary arrangements before starting your journey. Booking travel tickets and lodging is another big headache.

But thanks to technology for making it happen quite easily. With OTAs ( Online Travel Agency), we can easily book our travel tickets and hotels effortlessly. Airbnb is an online marketplace that connects travellers with local hosts who are ready to rent their properties to stay during their tenure in the destination.

By launching an app like Airbnb, you can also build a platform between travellers and hosts. In this blog, I have given the best insights for you to start your venture in the online marketplace.

Airbnb – all you need to know about the online marketplace

Airbnb was launched in 2008. Initially, the founders started their place as a bed and breakfast place to earn money. When founders stepped into San Francisco, they witnessed fully sold-out hotels in the city. This way, they understood the market’s potential and came up with launching a website called Thus started their journey in the industry. In 2009, airbedandbreakfast became Airbnb, and it marked their turning point in the market.

Airbnb is a perfect online marketplace where it offers two different domains. One is for the travellers, and the other is for the owners who want to rent their properties. Currently, Airbnb has spread its operations to more than 192 countries globally and lists more than 3,00,000 lodges and accommodation places in its app.

With Airbnb, travellers can book unique rooms, villas, apartments, cottages and homestays from hosts. It plays a significant role in the travel industry by acting as an intermediary to help travellers find their accommodation.

Numbers and figures related to the appAirbnb app clone hospitality industry

  • Statistics state that in 2020, Airbnb generated $3.8 billion amidst this pandemic.
  • The app has gained around 150 million users since 2018.
  • In 2020, 192 million bookings were recorded with the app.
  • With Airbnb, nearly four million hosts have registered with the app.
  • The total number of bookings in the app has recorded to cross 900 million since its launch.

Join the market race with an Airbnb clone app

The Airbnb clone script is a perfectly blended application that replicates the standard app’s features and functionalities. In this era of digitization, almost all industries have adopted them to upgrade their business, and the hospitality sector is in no way different from them. With an app like Airbnb, you can also plunge into this billion-dollar industry.

A well-crafted Airbnb clone app will be a perfect start for your business. The well-developed Airbnb clone app will have the following features that are important for the successful functioning of the app.

  • Advanced search option

The Airbnb clone enables the users to search their accommodation units by mentioning the location, date and duration of the stay. The app will analyze the specifications and list the top results to the users.

  • Filter options

This feature allows the users to narrow their search by mentioning the specifications in the app. For example, they sort the result according to their budgets, travel distance and many more. This will help the users to select their accommodation easily.

  • Multi-currency support

When it comes to the hospitality sector, you cannot narrow down the tourists from only one country. A global perspective approach is fundamental. So, the app is crafted to accept numerous currencies and payment methods.

  • In-app chat

The app allows the users to chat with their host. They can connect with them to know the exact location of their address, and they can also ask their queries to their host through the app.

  • Listing the space

The hosts are allowed to list any number of their properties in the app at no cost. The app has set no restrictions for the hosts for listing their property images, and they can also manage their listings easily.

How can you promote your Airbnb clone app in the market?Airbnb market clone app

The first step towards running a business is to gain customers. Customers are valuable assets who have the power to lift your business. Every person who brings in revenue to your business is a customer. Coming to the Airbnb clone, travellers, travel photographers, and hosts are the popular customers of your business. So, your major target will be these three types of customers.

The medium for promoting your Airbnb clone is

  1. Social media
  2. Word of mouth
  3. Digital marketing through online advertising
  4. Promotional offers.

Ways to generate income from your Airbnb clone app

In the following passage, I have discussed the possible ways to generate revenue through your Airbnb clone app,

  • Peer-to-Peer network

The Airbnb clone will act as an intermediary between the guests in the wander of accommodation and hosts who are ready to rent their property. As an app owner, you can collect your commission charges from both of them. This is one of the easiest ways to generate income.

  • Advertisements

Since the app is meant for booking accommodations, you can invite restaurants and hotels to advertise their brands in the app. The hotels and central accommodation units will advertise their properties in the app to increase their room bookings.

  • Subscription

The users, i.e., the guests, can subscribe to the app and get complete details and descriptions about the hotels and accommodation units. Through this, the users can also book their travel tickets and car rentals from travel agencies.

Wrapping up

The present era marks the beginning of the millennials who are so sophisticated with using technical gadgets and internet platforms. To maintain a pace with them, you need to think digitally. With an app like Airbnb, you can create wonders in the hospitality sector. Hire good resources to develop a reliable Airbnb clone app with cutting-edge technology.

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dia adalyn
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