A complete guide to choose the right in-app chat solution for web & mobile apps

In-app chat platforms are a unique tool that allows internet users to exchange messages and create an environment for personalised interactions. Support agents and customers communicate better on platforms such as eCommerce websites, portals, mobile apps, social media, etc with the help of such real-time in-app chat platforms. The simplest purpose of integrating an in-app chat solution for mobile and web apps is to enable the company’s representatives to communicate and multitask with customers and colleagues. However, is this the only purpose that companies choose to integrate real-time chat SDK or messaging APIs?

In this article let’s analyse the numerous benefits that in-app messaging platforms offer, before understanding how to decide which is the right in-app chat solution for your enterprise.

Here are some benefits of in-app messaging platforms

  1. In-app chat platforms for mobile apps and websites boost communication by offering advanced features and functions such as group chats, emojis, document sharing, audio and video files sharing, etc.
  2. In-app chat solutions are capable of conducting real-time conversation that allows your staff to communicate with several users at once.
  3. Such platforms also ensure data security and are compliant with HIPAA and GDPR standards – crucial for banks, financial firms and healthcare organizations.
  4. In-app messaging platforms also reduce costs compared to phone-based support and makes communication more approachable.
  5. In-app chat platforms allow chat administrators to supervise chat histories and create analytical data to sever customers better.
  6. Moreover, with realtime chat SDK and messaging APIs developers do not need to deploy code from starch, maintain code, fix bugs or configure servers – as these are tailored and 100% customizable.

How do you decide which is the right in-app chat solution for your mobile apps?

According to reports – websites and applications using real-time chat platforms had 92% customer satisfaction, wherein 41% of visitors preferred communicating with the customer support team via chat. The report also said that 63% of customers who used chat platforms to communicate on the website or application are likely to return to that site. This clearly states that website visitors do prefer communicating through build in-app chat solutions. However, how do you decide which one is perfect for your organisation? And what are the factors you must consider while choosing the right in-app chat platform?


Here are a few factors that you must take into considerationA man and a woman looking at a phone using in-app chat solutions mobile and web apps.

  1. Media rich conversations

The best in-app chat platforms intend to offer conversations with rich media content, so that chats are personalized and humane. Media rich content makes messaging more expressive and appealing. Incorporating rich media content on your in-app chat solutions can be extremely beneficial to drive engagement and ensure actionable communication. Media rich conversations can also help in increasing conversion rates and extending operational efficiency. Some features of media rich content are gif files, emojis, stickers, images, videos, voice notes, etc.

  1. Cross-platform support

While deciding the right in-app chat solution for your application, portal or website make sure that it has the capability to run identically on different platforms. For example, several apps now offer binary-compatible files to work smoothly on Windows as well as Mac. Another example can be Facebook who has allowed users from Messenger and Instagram to message one another app to app. In terms of commerce, in-apps chat platforms should be capable of functioning on various channels an enterprise may have such as website, portal, mobile apps, etc. Users should be able to switch from one communication platform to the another without having to convert their data to a new format.

  1. Ease of integration and UI customisations

Know that just like any other communication system – chats also require integration with your channel and have a standard set up procedure. Hence, while choosing the right in-app chat platform consider the arrangement of chat interfaces, the reporting system, added settings and other functions. They should be relatively easy even for a non-technical person to integrate, deploy and manage. Also, the best in app chat solutions typically is white-labelled and offer 100% UI customisation. They come with a chat UI kit that makes integration and customisation easy and quick.

  1. Features and functionalities

There are several options when it comes to deciding which is the best in-app chat platforms, but as app owners or app developers you should distinguish what feature or functionality is important to the business. For example, apps such as Tinder primarily want users to conversate with other users. However, apps such as Uber or Ola primarily want users to book rides, but offer communication for convenience. It is crucial to make a choice and is at times difficult to know which features would suit your website visitors or app users the best! Ensure that the features and functions you decide provide the best customer service possible.

  1. Pricing models

Deciding on what pricing model to opt for also is an integral part that assists you in monetizing the customers and keeping the business in good health. Pricing model should be incorporated after a thorough statistical and data analysis. So, what are options available?

There are mainly two types – 1) The SaaS Pricing Models & 2) The SaaP Pricing Models

SaaS stands for ‘Software as a service’ and the pricing model allows customers to pay based on subscription and usage. These subscriptions are further bifurcated offering pricing models such as flat rate, usage based, per user based, per feature based, charge for premium users, etc. On the other hand, SaaP refers to ‘Software as a product’ offers a pricing structure that only allows you to buy the licence. This involves only a one-time charge and you can download and use the software for a life-time. SaaS pricing model involves recurring costs, whereas, SaaP pricing model only has one-time fees.


Undoubtedly, in-app chat solutions are the best way to boost growth in today’s modern app-driven businesses. You can guarantee not just an enhanced level of engagement with your customers, but also ensure increase in conversation, sales and overall progress in the business. We hope that the above checklist has helped and you can now make the decision of choosing the right in-app chat platform best suited for your website or application.

Parthiba is Marketing analyst and technical blogger. He contributes to prestigious blogs like DZone, Habr, and Medium. You can find him on @PaarthaParthiba
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