Building blocks for beating stress

When it comes to getting the most out of your everyday life, a little bit of stress relief can go a long way. Stress is something that causes tangible health problems for the short-term and long-term.

It can eat away at your mental health and make it difficult to make it through your personal and professional life. The key to having some stability in your life is to learn strategies that will keep your stress at bay.

With this in the back of your head, use these tips to get the stress-relief that will go a long way for you.

Make meditation a practice, habit, and hobby

Using meditation as a regular part of your life is an excellent way to make your stress go by the wayside. There are a lot of different theories on mediation, but one of the most important things it accomplishes is building your brain’s reticular activating system (RAS).

The RAS is a series of nerve connections inside your brain and connected to the stem, which controls or has a hand in virtually every thought, memory and emotion we create. Meditation helps this system create new neural pathways, while also building forms of quantitative and qualitative awareness that can be used in a number of ways.

Building your brain through the practice of meditation allows you to walk around with a sense of peace and lets you think clearly, without brain fog and unnecessary stress.

A healthier brain and calmer mind enhance your ability to problem solve and deal with the everyday matters that life brings your way.

Get a pet and take great care of it

Being able to care from something or someone else goes a long way toward taking your mind off your own stresses and problems.

This is something that every parent can attest to, and is also something that pet owners also enjoy. Something as simple as adopting bringing a new pet into your home keeps you in touch with something that needs you, which is great at remembering what’s important in life and letting the little stuff pass.

Work out on a regular basis

Nothing is better than exercise for your stress relief.

When you work out physically, you’ll exert yourself to the point that it quiets your overactive mind and allows you to stay in a flow state. You’ll also increase blood circulation, which lowers blood pressure and better regulates your hormones — including the cortisol stress hormone.

Most notably, exercise pumps endorphins throughout your body that contribute to feelings of euphoria. You’ve most likely heard about the “Runner’s high” that people get as a result, or perhaps you can tell the difference when you hit the gym in the morning before work.

Either way, add as much exercise as you can to your life and you’ll be able to get rid of stress.

Take time to hit a sauna and chiropractor

There are lots of businesses available that are dedicated to stress relief.

You can visit a sauna in order to go into hot rooms that let you quite literally sweat out your stress. These rooms help you to get rid of toxins in your body so that your brain’s bodily functions are optimised. As a result, you will have less pain and inflammation in your body and fewer physical feelings of stress.

After a visit to the sauna, you can walk around less tense and anxious.

A visit to the chiropractor accomplishes much of the same. Put a regular chiropractic massage on your schedule for this reason.

When you utilise these points, you’ll be better able to live a life that is as close to stress-free as possible. Taking the time to consciously reduce the stress in your life can not only help you live longer but get better quality out of the years you do have.

Use these five points as a foundation so that you’re better able to contend with stress as it comes about.

Lerone Graham
Lerone Graham
I'm a writer, comedian, and entrepreneur living in Los Angeles with my wife. I spent 4 years writing for newspapers, before betting on myself and moving out west to chase my dreams. I love sharing insights and linking up with positive, like-minded people.
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