Reasons you need to see your dentist ASAP

Oral health is one of the commonly ignored parts of your body’s health, even though it is one of the most important parts. By ignoring professional dentists, many abnormalities and unclean parts of your teeth that are not usually visible will go unnoticed.

This will lead to extremely dangerous habits that could lead to gum disease and rotten teeth, ending up costing you thousands more than current affordable dental care would have to fix it.

The dangers of tartar, cavities and plaque

Many people don’t realise that even though they may brush their teeth consistently and well, there are lots of areas between and around the teeth which are impossible to reach or clean with regular brushing.

If you don’t seek out professional dental care, these unreachable areas will accumulate plaque that will soon solidify into tartar which will make it harder to brush your teeth and even damage the gums due to bacteria!

The erosion from tartar will also eventually lead to cavities forming which create holes in your eroding teeth. Once damaged, this will be permanent and the only solution is for a professional to fill the inside of the cavity.

These three dangers of tartar, cavities and plaque can all be easily avoided with regular and affordable dental care, which is much cheaper than having to remove tartar and fill cavities.

Don’t wait until gum disease

It’s not uncommon that when plaque and tartar do build inside the mouth, they will also damage the mouth’s gum tissue. The tartar will attack the gum with an infection that will eventually break down the tissue that holds the teeth and gum in place.

Symptoms of this will include bleeding, extreme soreness and swelling. This eventually leads to deterioration of the bone holding the tooth in place until the teeth loosens and falls out.

Treatment for gum disease requires numerous cleanings, medications and frequent surgery. None of this is cheap and will deal extreme financial blows to your savings.

Regular dental care will be able to identify these symptoms before the disease even impacts on oral health, keeping you safe mentally, physically and financially.

Dental care includes X-rays

Affordable dental care will include x-rays in many of the regular check-ups and scan your teeth and jaw bone. This is one of the most important parts of check-ups, because damage or diseases attacking these bones can’t be seen by the human eye! Only x-rays can accurately and safely identify any major oral health issues that could be detrimental.

How often should you go?

Affordable dental care is commonplace these days, and even without it, regular check-ups should be a top priority for you. Although it is up to you how many times you’d like to go, it is highly recommended by all dentists that you at least get a check-up every 6 months.

These regular check-ups are critical to your oral health as dentists will work to keep your gums and teeth as possibly clean as they can. At the same time, going every 6 months will establish a healthy habit for your oral health as well.

Talia Williamson
Talia Williamson
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