4 types of architectural stone benchtops

Stone benchtops are a practical solution for your kitchen. They are easy to maintain and also look stunning. They go well with all kinds of interiors which is the reason for their extreme popularity. Stone is the best material to work with and most of the interior designers would agree to the statement.

You have an array of choice available when selecting architectural stone benchtops. Each stone is unique with different color, texture, veins and patterns. With so many varieties around you, it will be hard to choose an appropriate one for your kitchen. This is the reason why you must always take the help of an expert when selecting the stone countertops for your kitchen.

The architectural stone benchtops can be engineered or natural. That is they can be made from a natural stone or a reconstituted stone. The reconstituted stone benchtops have 93% to 95% of the natural quartz. Both the natural and reconstituted stone are equally appealing. When you select the stone countertop, you need to look at the functionality aspect too as you will be working in the kitchen most time.

Facts about Stone

Natural stones have been in use since ancient times and are still a popular choice among families. This is because the natural stone is said to last a lifetime. These find their way into the bathroom and kitchen easily. Pulling out solid pieces of stone from quarries and polishing it in a right way is a work of art that you cannot but revel.

Types of Stone

#1 Engineered or reconstituted stone

These stones are scratch and stain resistant and non-porous which makes it a popular choice for the interior surfaces and countertops. These stones contain 93% to 95% of the natural quartz with 7% bonding agent and other additives.

This makes the reconstituted architectural stone benchtops extremely resistant to wear and tear. These versatile surface tops are harder than the natural stone and the color does not fade away easily. These stones do not require any form of sealant and require minimal maintenance. They add style and value to your home.

#2 Granite

Granite is a natural stone and is available in large and small slab; the color of this stone will never fade or change. It will always be as bright when it was when first installed, but you need to take care of it properly.

The biggest advantage of using this stone is that it is the most durable out of all. Being a natural material and long-lasting, it is the prime choice of most of the homeowners for their bathrooms, kitchen and various other places. The granite is scratch and stain resistant making it the best natural stone for daily kitchen use. These architectural stone benchtops come with a top coat of sealant for extra protection.

#3 Marble

Marble looks regal and royal wherever it is used. It is a beauty and a classic piece of natural stone that can add immense value and style to your living spaces. Each piece of marble will be unique in character.

They can be used for wall paneling, kitchen and bathrooms etc. If you want to use this architectural stone benchtop in your kitchen then you should be aware that this beauty can get scratched, stained and etched easily.

It requires daily maintenance and a sealant coating monthly. But the magic that it provides is unmatchable and you definitely will not be disappointed after installation.

#4 Limestone

This is a casual stone and comes in the soft stone category. The light shades, grey, tan and beige are the popular colors that are popular to be used in the kitchen.

It provides a comfortable yet functional environment. It is highly durable and one of the oldest stone still available on earth!

These are some of the types of natural and reconstituted stone that can be used as benchtops in your kitchen.

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