4 sure-fire ways to ensure telemarketing success

In this hyper-competitive era, every company wants to increase the sales of products in order to achieve business objectives. Owing to this, the demand for outbound call centres has increased more than ever as they have been rendering unmatched telemarketing services for small businesses and multinationals for more than a decade.

Unlike global organisations, small business owners often hesitate in availing services from reputed outbound call centres because of less budget. Of course, we aren’t saying that renowned outbound call centres charge too much for their services.

The reason why small organisations don’t avail telemarketing services from a reputed vendor is that they just want to invest maximum money in core business activities. As a negative consequence of this, they often face the hassle of poor sales results.

However, business owners can secure high sales of products by simply running a telemarketing campaign. How to make telesales campaign successful? Take the following pointers into consideration:

Appoint extroverts

In the telemarketing world, a meaningful dialogue with prospects is everything because that’s the only way to increase the sales of products or services. In addition, those telemarketing calls always ensure better sales results that last for a long duration. Therefore, it is vital to appoint extroverts that can involve potential customers into the conversation after placing a call.

This factor shouldn’t be ignored because telemarketers that have an introvert personality often fail to communicate with potential customers effectively. This not only results in the wastage of time and resources but also makes a negative impact on the sales conversion rate.

Henceforth, if you are all set to run a telemarketing campaign, make sure that you have maximum extroverts with you as that’s the best way to get success.

Use impressive call openers

To make telemarketing campaign successful, it is vitally important to ensure telesales agents always get off to a dream start after placing a call. This is so because the duration of telemarketing calls somewhere depends on how well telesales agents do at the start of the conversation.

Whenever telemarketers sound stilted during the interaction with prospects, the problem of call hang-ups is more likely to take place. On the contrary, when telesales agents sound energetic and personal, the odds of better sales results are more likely to amplify.

To leave no stone unturned, reputed telemarketing companies add impressive call opening lines in the sales scripts. Such lines are:

  • Can I have a word with you?
  • Hello Sir/Mam, I do have some products/services that you may be interested in.
  • Conduct competitions

Do you know how reputed outbound call centres provide unparalleled telemarketing services for small businesses and multinationals? No? ‘By conducting competitions.’

Conducting competitions can really help to make telemarketing campaign successful. This is so because when telesales agents see that their colleagues are achieving good results, they also try to raise the performance levels. Consequently, this increases the probability of securing high sales results.

Another benefit of organising competitions is that it would be very easy to find out which strategies are successfully working and which aren’t. Apart from that, there is a high possibility that telemarketers may come up with new tactics in order to win prizes. This again would be fruitful for business growth.

Make telesales agents’ job easier

There is no doubt that securing desired results via telemarketing is pretty difficult. The situation takes the worse turn when the required resources are not available at the disposal. And that’s the main reason why most of the business owners avail telemarketing services from reputed vendors like outbound call centres.

Are you wondering which resources help to provide stupendous telemarketing services for small businesses and multinationals? Here’s the list:

  • Reliable telemarketing scripts.
  • An automatic dialler system.
  • Voice mail detection system.
  • High-quality noise-cancelling headsets.

These resources not only amplify the productivity of telemarketers but also lift the sales graph. Therefore, if you want to make telemarketing campaign successful on your own, make certain that you are well-equipped like established BPO firms.

Alexis Powell
Alexis Powell
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