3 Script mistakes that must be rectified to render the best answering service

Nowadays, a quick and efficient support service is the first demand of customers whenever they make a contact with a company. For the sake of business’s reputation, it is fundamental to fulfil every demand of customers. However, this isn’t an easy task.

That’s why business owners make contact with reputed BPO firms of Australia so that the former can offer unmatched answering service to customers. The quality of telephone answering service solely depends on how agents assist customers during the interaction.

In order to ensure a better conversation with customers, it is vitally important for BPO firms to provide the best call scripts to support agents. But there are some script mistakes that BPO firms have been committing and because of that sometimes, the hassle of poor CSAT score occurs.

So, have a look at the below-mentioned pointers that will tell you about script mistakes that BPO firms must rectify in order to render stupendous call answering service:

1. Not updating scripts regularly

To render an immaculate answering service, it is paramount to make certain that support agents have reliable call scripts. This is so because well-written scripts always help to enhance the CSAT score and reduce the AHT (average handle time).

The mistake that BPO firms often commit is ‘Not updating scripts on the regular basis.’ This factor cannot be overlooked because support agents may fail to assist customers if scripts don’t have the answer of the required questions. Consequently, this can affect the brand image.

Checking survey results and soliciting feedback from agents are the two most effective ways to make scripts reliable.

Another benefit of updating scripts is that superfluous questions would be removed. This will surely help the agents to provide better assistance during the customer interaction. As a result, this could boost the CX levels.

2. Excluding agents from the script-creation process

Do you know why BPO firms fail to create a perfect call script?

Well, the answer is ‘Not including agents during the script-creation process.’ This mistake not only affects the quality of customer service but also makes a negative impact on the business’s reputation.

If you are wondering why the inclusion of agents is important to create reliable scripts, we would like to inform you that customer service executives always have the better idea about the changes that should be made in scripts. Owing to regular interaction, agents also know about the customer’s pain points.

Therefore, BPO firms of Australia, UK, etc. should include support agents while creating scripts as this is the best way to wipe-out the hidden errors.

3. Not testing scripts frequently

Scripts can bring the desired results if used properly by agents during the customer interaction. In addition, it is paramount to ensure that scripts don’t contain any technical words. This is so because if support agents use jargon or technical language while communicating with customers, this may ruin the effectiveness of the call and thereby CX levels could get decreased.

It is significant to check the reliability of scripts because these can bring adverse results too. To test the scripts, the manager should act as a customer and converse with a support agent who is instructed to use call scripts.

After the conversation, the manager should give feedback regarding whether scripts are good enough or not. This type of roleplaying activity can help in rectifying the ambiguities of scripts.

In a nutshell, scripts should be tested frequently as that’s the only way to increase the calling experience of customers.

Final few words:

Well, there are many companies such as UnitedLex, TSA Group, Virtual HQ, Go4customer, Aegis Australia, etc. that have been rendering the best 24/7 telephone answering service for more than a decade.

But there are some that are falling behind because of unreliable call scripts. With the help of this article, we have discussed top 3 script mistakes that should be rectified for the sake of rendering phenomenal customer service.

Here are some other call script mistakes that can also affect the brand image:

  • Adding a long introduction.
  • Not organising call scripts by topic or keyword.
  • Adding more than enough information related to products or services.
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