Josh Singer from Beyond Neon Signs talks about his business selling custom neon signs

Josh Singer, owner of Beyond Neon Signs, is a business leader that’s passionate about what he does and really believes in his product. With over a decade of experience behind him, Josh has established his business as one of the best providers for custom neon signage available today.

Josh answered some questions about his business.

What prompted you to get into the business of providing custom neon signage?

Our company has over 15+ extensive experience and a background in graphic design and custom printing onto apparel and clothing. We’ve recently been getting requests from our clients if we could make custom neon signs for their businesses, events and for their personal use. So this spark of interest and an opportunity prompted us to go forward and create Beyond Neon Signs.

What is it that makes you different from other providers?

We over 15+ years experience in the customisation and decoration of apparel, so we have a keen eye for quality, design and service. We operate and have a professional shop located in Marrickville Sydney. All our work comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are always researching and developing new ways to push the boundaries of custom neon signs into the future.

How have you developed your business to streamline the production and delivery process?

By working closely and efficiently with our suppliers. Using a streamlined design UI with Adobe graphic programs including photoshop and illustrator to help provide design concepts for our clients resulting in a smooth and smart workflow from concept to finish.

What makes your use of flex LED neon lights superior to traditional glass neon?

We use flex LED rather than traditional glass neon because, without glass, there is little chance of breakage and no harmful gasses being used. Flex LED neon signs are also very easy to install, being simply screwed into the wall and connected to a powerpoint.

They are also approximately 5-10% brighter than glass and much safer to use with no annoying buzzing sound. They also last a lot longer, are more energy efficient and are far more customisable than their traditional glass counterparts.

What are some challenges your business has had to overcome in getting to this point?

Knowing what we can and can’t do with the design limitations when it comes to neon sign production.

Do you have any future plans to offer more options for custom neon signs or expand your business in other ways?

We are always on the lookout for new innovative neon sign materials and technology to help increase work flow and lower production costs. We plan on releasing our own limited designer edition neon sign designs to choose from.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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