4 reasons why engraved plaques make the perfect employee award

If you’re running a business, then you no doubt understand that your employees are one of your most important assets and motivating them is a big ongoing responsibility. Celebrating and rewarding your employee’s achievements and milestones is one of the easiest and most effective ways to encourage them to perform at their best.

One of the most popular means of rewarding and celebrating workplace achievements is with engraved plaques. They are a powerful way to tie an employee closer to the organisation in a way that they will feel truly appreciative of far into the future.

Let’s take a look at the 4 reasons engraved plaques make the ideal corporate award.

1: They’re personalised

The best and most obvious benefit of custom engraved plaques is that they are a blank canvas on which you can express and kind of sentiment you want. Apart from including the name of the person it’s being awarded to, there’s room for you to add something extra like a company motto or favourite quote.

Engraved plaques give you an insane amount of creative freedom when it comes to characters, fonts, images and design patterns. You can even choose between a wide variety of different frames so that you can find something that perfectly suits your companies’ aesthetic.

When you are giving someone an award, the last thing you want is to provide them with something generic and forgettable. You should always strive to give them something that feels unique to them and to your organisation.

2: They engender employee loyalty

4 reasons why engraved plaques make the perfect employee award
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Another obvious but important benefit of engraved plaques is that they work to tie employees closer to the company is a very direct way. By expressing gratitude towards an employee via a custom-made award, you are showing them how important they are to the business and that they’re efforts are being sincerely appreciated.

Time and time again, research has demonstrated that employees who feel positive about their impact in the company will have a better work ethic and ultimately produce better work. For example, if you awarded a salesperson an engraved plaque that commemorated their first 100 sales, then they will be even more motivated to reach 200 sales.

Obviously, this all works to promote loyalty in employees as they begin to form a personal connection with the company. Employees with an engraved plaque that celebrates their accomplishments will see themselves as not just another number, but as a valuable individual whose efforts are recognised and appreciated.

The value of this kind of employee loyalty cannot be overstated, as the long-term benefits ultimately open up new money making opportunities for your business.

3: They are extremely durable

A high quality engraved plaque will last an incredibly long amount of time and will look as good as new with only minimal upkeep. Depending on the material of frame you invest in, the award will be able to last through the usual knocks and bumps it may endure while on display.

Even when they do start to show signs of age, most people simply think it adds character and authenticity to their award.

4: They improve your businesses’ public image

4 reasons why engraved plaques make the perfect employee award
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If your employees are proudly displaying their engraved plaques on their office walls or on their desks or even sharing photos of them online, they are improving the public perception of your business. This is because consumers look favourably on businesses that take care of their employees and ‘look out for the little guy’.

Commissioning personalised awards for your employees shows the public that you’re about ‘more than just making money’ and that you sincerely care about the professional development of those working under you.

They also make your business look more authentic and authoritative as they will suggest a high level on internal quality control. Basically, they will show the public that your business is highly concerned with the performance and contentment of their employees.

Obviously, a business with this kind of positive public perception is going to get more eyeballs and thus more feet through the door.

When it comes to giving your employees an award that they’ll truly appreciate and has positive impact for your business, it’s hard to go past the simple and effective appeal of engraved plaques. They are relatively inexpensive and can be quite affordable when ordered in bulk, so it may be prudent to come up with a uniform template that you can mass produce at a cheaper rate.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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