3 reasons you should skip the council clean up and choose rubbish removal services

Clutter can build up quickly at home. From garden rubbish to clear outs, you can end up with piles of rubbish that you now need to get rid of. It is important to know how to get your rubbish removed from your home.

Otherwise you can end up with cluttered rooms and gardens covered in rubbish which will take up much needed space. Not only that but rubbish can become hazardous.

Rubbish in the garden can attract rodents and other pests while rubbish in the home can be a fire hazard. Newspapers, papers, cardboard and more should not be kept in large piles in your home.

When choosing a rubbish removal service your first thought may be to contact the council. The council will offer rubbish removal but there are other options out there to such as rubbish removal services.

The top 3 reasons why rubbish removal services are better than the council clean up:

#1 Convenience

Council rubbish removal services are often booked up so your removal slot may be quite far in advance on a day that may not be convenient. With rubbish removal they have a faster service that can be done on a day and time that suits you.

You won’t be limited to the councils strict schedule as companies are more flexible. Some rubbish removal services can often come and pick up your rubbish on the same day you contact them which is much faster than council services.

#2 Limits

When you choose a council service you can be limited to how much rubbish you have and what rubbish you have. Some councils only take a small amount which means you will be stuck with unwanted rubbish that will need another removal day.

Rubbish removal services do not require you to know exactly how much rubbish you have. The council may ask how many skips you need and it is very easy to over order when you have piles of rubbish.

A rubbish removal service will bring a truck that can cater all your rubbish so an estimation will be enough. You can also be limited on what rubbish you can throw away. Some councils have guidelines on what rubbish they can take. Large furniture, chemicals, rubbish from the garden and more can be rejected. So, you should check with the council to see if they will pick up the rubbish you have.

A rubbish removal service will take any rubbish you have regardless of amount and content. You can have confidence that all your rubbish will be collected and disposed of responsibly. Rubbish removal services also include hard rubbish collection, which some councils do not.

#3 Less work

Councils can also have guidelines about collection of rubbish. They can require you to put rubbish outside and also create small bundles. With rubbish removal services they can collect your rubbish from where you have it stored. You don’t have to worry about moving your old, large furniture and other items like it as the team can efficiently collect.

With a removal service you don’t have to worry about size either so if you have a large plant or other garden waste you don’t have to chop it all as the team can do that for you. It is less work for you to hire a removal service.

Council removal will not clean up either so if anything is left behind such as soil, garden waste and more it will be left in your garden. A rubbish removal service will clean up any mess like this so you can have your garden rubbish free and looking great.

Contact your local rubbish removal specialist to see how they can help you with your waste needs.

Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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