How to identify the difference between a real and a faux leather sofa

When consumers are out and about to find a suitable leather sofa that suits their décor at home or at the office, there is a plethora of options at their disposal. Whether you are looking at a local department store or examining the brands online, the item will generally fit into one of two distinct categories: real or faux (fake).

So what are the benefits of each and how can you as a general shopper pick the difference between a real and a faux leather sofa? Here we will examine how you can notice the elements that split the pair apart from a series of tried and tested techniques.

Smell the difference

A leather sofa will garner a smell that is distinct and genuine from its fake counterparts. Despite the efforts of faux designers who are trying their utmost to craft a product that is as close as possible to the actual thing, they cannot and will not replicate the same scent through a copy that does not possess the same qualities in the creation process. To the uninitiated, this might be a task that requires some help and assistance from those who have experience with real and faux products in the home décor industry.

See the difference

From the edges to the actual product labels of the leather sofa, you as the consumer can be your own Sherlock Holmes by seeing the difference for yourself between the real and the faux items. The pores of the fabric will also be another avenue to take a look at as the authentic types will have a consistency that the fake designers don’t have the time or resources to replicate in any shape or form.

Feel the difference

The softness of a real leather sofa is one of the great qualities that makes it such a wanted item by home and office owners. If the smoothness is too extreme, then that is an indication of a faux item more times than not. Shoppers are recommended to visit a retail store and see a specialist operator and feel an example of a genuine sofa. That is where a comparison can be made.

Pluses and minuses of each

A quality leather sofa is a brilliant item to possess as it offers the owner a degree of prestige, class and luxury that cannot be mimicked by a cheaper faux item. Yet an authentic product has the capacity to fade in colour from sunlight exposure and stain if liquid is left without being wiped.

A faux sofa will save immediately on expense and with retailers issuing a number of them in bulk, their colouring can be dyed whereby stains and fading is not a concern. However, the fake product won’t be a long-term option as ripping and cracking is far more apparent, and this is on top of the outstanding fact that is an inferior product to sit on from day-to-day.

What works better?

The choice will ultimately come down to the circumstances of the consumer. How much of a budget can be spent on a single leather sofa? What is comfortable and how much value is placed on an authentic product that might otherwise impress visitors or the home owner? Is it an item that has to be regularly moved or will it be a family air loom that will be passed down through the generations?

Once a potential buyer has analysed their leather sofa options to smell, see and feel the difference between a real and a faux item, then they can make the ultimate decision.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
Christian is a morning reporter and technology columnist for Best in Australia. Christian has worked in the media since 2000, in a range of locations. He joined Best in Australia in 2018, and began working in Melbourne in 2019.
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