Is Hailee Steinfeld’s new song referencing her ex Niall Horan?

Of course, it is. As if the title wasn’t a dead giveaway already, we’re looking into how Hailee Steinfeld’s “Wrong Direction” is about Niall Horan.

On December 29, the 23-year-old Dickinson star announced that she was releasing a single on New Year’s Day. Later on, it was revealed that the track is titled “Wrong Direction”. Speculations flared immediately after the revelation was made. If that title sounds familiar, it’s probably because her ex-beau is a former member of what used to be the world’s biggest boy band, One Direction.

There’s probably no way to ever confirm that the song is actually about the “Slow Hands” crooner because that’s just how showbiz goes. Unless Steinfeld actually does drop names one day. But even if she doesn’t, her heart-wrenching lyrics in the song are telling. It gives us a peek into why the pair possibly called it quits — something that was confirmed in December 2018.

In the song, Steinfeld sings “But I just wanted to believe that you were out sleepin’ alone.” This means that Horan may or may not have cheated on the pop star which lead to their breakup. Listen to Steinfeld open up about her heartaches in the video below:

Wrong Direction might even be a response to Horan’s song “Put a Little Love on Me” which he previously revealed was about their breakup. “This could potentially be my favorite song I’ve ever written. I’d just gone through a breakup and it was all very real. It was very easy to sit down at the piano and speak and see what happens,” he said about the song shortly after the news of their split broke.

Ben Hornery
Ben Hornery
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