Will Claes Bang reprise role in Netflix’s Dracula Season 2?

Given the ending of the latest Netflix vampire TV drama, will there be Dracula Season 2 or will the story of Claes Bang’s character end here?

Some speculations went flying that the Bram Stoker TV adaptation might be having a season 2 given that it left its viewers on the edge of their seat by presenting them a cliffhanger ending. According to Decider, the last scene of the vampire TV drama is rather “open-shut,” that is, both of its main characters, the Count Dracula and Sister Agatha Van Helsing (or Zoe Van Helsing), seemed to have died together.

Zoe Van Helsing, Sister Agatha’s reincarnation in the body of her descendant, found out that the Count’s weakness is actually having a low self-esteem since he is the only one from the bloodline of warriors who did not die like a hero in the battlefield. All those quirky behaviors that the Count possessed, like being afraid of the cross or his inability to look at himself in the mirror, seemed to be habits that he developed overtime and later on, turned into legends that even the Count himself believed. On that last confrontation, it was revealed that the legendary vampire is afraid to die.

Telling him all these, Zoe coaxed the Count to walk into the sunlight for him to face his fears. But it turned out that sunlight cannot hurt him. The last scene showed Count Dracula drinking Zoe’ blood which will kill him eventually; both of them thought at that moment that they were dying together.

Since this is a supernatural TV drama, it is possible that the Count will be coming back to life but only the creators, Mark Gatis and Steven Moffat, know how he will live again or if there will be Dracula Season 2.

The show is co-produced by BBC and Netflix and it has only been premiered in both networks at the start of this year. Typically, it takes some time for these two networks to decide if they will go for more seasons of the show and of course, rating is also one of the factors that may affect this decision.

But if the BBC and Netflix decided to have another season for the vampire TV drama, fans will have to wait for a while to get new episodes. If viewers remember, the show was first announced in 2017 and Claes Bang was named as one of the cast members in 2018. Fans could expect Dracula Season 2 not earlier than 2022!

Share us what you think. Will this vampire TV drama get another season or will Count Dracula’s tale end here?

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