Netflix’s Sex Education Season 2 returns with new character

Netflix recently dropped the trailer for it surprise hit Sex Education Season 2 and it turns out, it’s going to be a wilder ride. reported that the show starring Asa Butterfield, Gillian Anderso and Ncuti Gatwa is due to return next week. The trailer showed various changes in the relationship between the characters as well as sneaking a few scenes of the new character who seemed to be developing some romantic bond with Eric (Gatwa).

The trailer started with Principal Groff’s voice for morning assembly, addressing the students of the fictional Moordale Secondary School and introducing a speaker who is an expert about sex. Would it be a surprise if Otis’ (Butterfield) mother, Dr. Jean Milburn, stepped up on the stage and take the podium? As she started speaking, few of the students started throwing jokes which Otis did not seem to find amusing.

Moving on to the next scene, Otis was seen talking to his best friend, Eric, telling him that their clinic will no longer be operating. Eric protested but Otis was firm about his decision, telling Eric that he and Maeve (Emma Mackie) have already moved past their business. Given that they are no longer in operation, Otis seemed to be continuously being hunted by people who need advice about their sex life and relationship.

Meanwhile, Maeve will be attending classes in Moordale again in Sex Education Season 2 despite running into some trouble from season 1. In addition to that, it appears that fans will be getting some glimpse of Maeve’s family history.

Otis, on the other hand, is ready to take his relationship with Orla to a higher level. However, they both found out that their parents are going out with each other and that they are basically siblings. This surely broke Otis’ heart.

Before the trailer ends, there was a scene where Otis and Maeve can be seen talking about business. Apparently, the two of them are in good terms again and that their clinic will be reopening. “This is entirely about money,” Maeve said in which Otis responded with “It’s good to be back in business.”

Fans will have to stick around to know if Otis and Maeve’s relationship will develop into something more romantic this season or will they keep on denying from themselves that they like each other in a non-platonic way.

Catch Sex Education Season 2 on Netflix this January 17.
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