Why you should consider installing a keyless entry system for your car

Car and car keys have come a long way over the years. With self-driving cars more of a reality now than a sci-fi fantasy, it’s safe to say that car technology has steadily been pushing the envelope when it comes to convenience and ease of use.

Your car’s key plays a major role in aiding the security of your vehicle. In the past few years, keyless entry remotes for cars have been a popular choice for car owners. A keyless remote allows you to control your vehicle’s locks without a physical key.

What is a keyless remote?

A keyless remote uses a radio transmitter that sends signals to your vehicle. A receiver is located inside your vehicle and the keyless remote would not function without it. This makes keyless entry remotes convenient to use.

They provide increased security benefits as well. Contrary to popular belief, installing a keyless entry system for your car is pretty easy, provided you hire professionals to do it.

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How keyless entry can improve the security of your car

Keyless entry gives you an edge when it comes to security. Car theft is a big problem in Australia. In 2017 alone, 52,858 cars were stolen in Australia, which translates to one car stolen every 10 minutes. That’s a big number.

Car thieves are typically looking for a quick job, and a primitive car with a primitive lock and key system is right up their alley. A keyless entry system, on the other hand, poses a challenge and amateur car thieves would steer clear of it, looking for easier targets instead.

Here are some ways in which a keyless entry will help improve your car’s security:

  1. No physical keys to worry about

This is the reason that offers you utmost convenience. By controlling your car remotely, it saves you time and is less of a hassle when you are in a hurry. A keyless remote can work with the car from a mile away, or almost 100 feet. If you forget to lock your car doors, all you need to do is press a button to secure your car.

  1. Unauthorised duplication of keys is near impossible

Physical keys can be given to any locksmith and a duplicate set would be made in no time. With keyless entry, even if a thief manages to get their hands on a key that opens the locks, they would still be unable to start the car. This is due to the unique communication from your transponder key and your vehicle’s receiver.

  1. You cannot break your key in the lock

This is always a possibility with physical keys due to the fact that they get worn out over time. Using excessive force can also break a key in the lock. However, with keyless entry remotes that is impossible. Since there is no physical key, you do not have to worry about it breaking off any time.

A step in the right direction – towards a future that’s technology-driven

Keyless entry systems have brought about a mini-revolution in the automotive industry and have helped with car security – resulting in reduced car thefts. It’s no secret that autonomous cars are the future. There will come a time (hopefully in the near future) when you will sit in your self-driving car, watching a movie or TV show on your commute to work.

Autonomous cars might not be a mainstream reality yet, but keyless entry is your gateway to having a taste of what the future of cars will be like. A keyless entry system is a step in the right direction – embracing technology to make your life a lot more convenient.

And the best part? You can install a keyless entry system in your car. All you need is a reliable auto locksmith to do it for you.

If you’re someone who relies on your car for your daily commute to work, a keyless entry can make a big difference to your daily routine. It might not seem like a big change, but you will be saving time in the morning, time that you can use to grab a cup of coffee or a quick breakfast on your way to work.

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