Top 11 reasons why every business should add a blog to their website?

Are you confused about whether you should have a blog for your business or not?

What are the benefits of a blog for businesses?

Blogs surely have some benefits for online businesses and can contribute to your business growth. Marketers have been using blogs for since long and recommend the addition of blogs to every business owner.

Business blogging is a marketing tactic that uses blog posts to get your business more  visitors and improve online visibility. A business blog is a marketing channel that helps support business growth.

The blog has various benefits for business growth and one must add it to the website to attract new customers right now.

Here are some great reasons why every business should add a blog to their website.

1. Blogs establish topical authority

You have a business in a particular industry; then, you must have a vast knowledge of your industry. You can share your knowledge through your website blogs to show your knowledge in the industry, which boosts your authority, and people will consider you a credible source.

When you share valuable blogs on your website, people reference your blogs, increasing your topical authority for search engines and rankings in SERP.

So, a website blog can increase your authority in the industry and give you both more customers and top rankings.

2. Can be your customer service platform

You can answer some common questions regarding your product/services in your blogs to help people check out and fulfill their queries. 

You can use your resources for some other customer support queries than the common ones. Your blog will handle most of the customer support requirements. 

You can cover all the queries that people can have regarding your business. You can also answer the people in the blog’s comment section to answer the question and strengthen the customer relationship.

You can also mention some temporary issues that people can face due to some reasons, controlling customers’ surge during some technical crisis or something else.

So, a blog can be beneficial for your business, and you must add it to your business website.

3. Boosts your brand reach

Yes! Blogs can help you spread brand awareness. When you share high-quality content about your business and include all the things to make it engaging and knowledgeful, your readers will like it and share it with others.

You need to focus on user experience; your readers must like your blogs to share them with their knowns. When people share your blog, new people will get to know about your business, which will increase your brand reach and customer count.

So, make sure you create shareable content and ask your readers to share the content to earn new customers and spread brand awareness.

4. Have SEO benefits

Blogs can help you get some SEO benefits and increase your search engine organic rankings. As we discussed, blogs help you build topical authority and earn shares. Google considers these factors in rankings and increases your organic rankings when people search about your industry.

The top rankings will help you get the most traffic because people always consider the top-ranking results as the most credible and reliable option. So, if you want top rankings organically to generate more traffic, then a blog is the way to go.

If you want more from SEO, then here are some smart SEO strategies for 2021 to drive the exceptional results.

5. Keep you updated and market expert

When you run a blog, you need to do continuous research and keep up with the updates to always create the best content. You will need comprehensive research for curating the most insightful content for your audience, which will keep you updated and increase your knowledge base.

You’ll get to know your industry’s granular details and numerous customer’s pain points, making you the expert of the industry.

So, a blog full of genuine information can make your business the industry expert.

6. Blogs can bring traction to your landing pages

If your website’s landing pages don’t have much traffic, then you can boost your traffic to these pages with the help of blogs. All you have to do is hyperlink your landing pages in your blogs, whether they make sense.

Your readers will check out your landing pages and make the suitable action according to your landing pages.

Your blogs will talk about your industry; then it’s obvious you will talk about your business offerings in the content; you just need to interlink those mentions in the content to direct your users to that page. 

Search engines also recommend interlinking for adequate crawling and indexing. You will also see some improvements in ranking if you follow the webmaster guidelines for interlinking. Any spammy technique can trouble you a lot. So, make sure you stay legit and provide natural interlinking to increase your landing pages’ traffic.

7. Contribute to lead generation

Lead generation is vital for any business to increase sales or conversions. There are various ways you can do lead generation, and one of them is a blog. You can talk about your product/services in the blog, show your testimonials, describe the benefits to intrigue people, and make them show their interest by filling a lead generation form.

A blog supports the whole buyer journey from educating the audience about the problems, providing a solution, boating your superiority, and triggering the lead or conversion.

So, use your business blog for lead generation and boost your business growth.

8. Ease your social content creation

Social media marketing includes consistent content creation for delivering reliable results. Finding a new idea every day can be a tricky task, but you can make it easy with your blog posts. You already invested significant time in creating the perfect and latest blog; now, you can share the same on your business social media profiles to educate your social followers. This way, you can invite some traffic to your website from your social profiles, which is beneficial for your website. So, create a perfect caption for your new blog, share its link, and ask your followers to visit and read the whole piece.

So, your social post content idea problem is covered with your website blog.

9. Improve your backlink profile

Backlinks are very crucial to have top rankings in search results. Moreover, the backlink also drives referral traffic to your website. So, you get the two significant benefits from backlinks, and you can increase your backlinks with a blog.

When you create valuable content, people will appreciate your efforts and give your reference as a link to your content when they talk about it or use it to support their content.

This way, you don’t have to outreach anyone, and your content’s quality will help you generate new backlinks.

So, add a blog and create the industry’s best content to earn some new backlinks and enjoy the concerned benefits.

10. Escalate the customer trust

People are more likely to believe a brand that is more human. As there are many frauds out there, and you need to make significant efforts to win the customer’s trust.

Blogs have a conversational tone and always talk about the customer’s interest, which links customers with the brand.

Alongside the interaction through the blog, you have a two-way conversation in the comments, which further strengthens your bond.

Once you have the customer’s trust, they will surely buy your offerings and always remain loyal to the brand. So, it’s fruitful for a business to have a blog on their website.

11. Affordable way of marketing

This is the most prominent reason for adding a blog to your website. A blog is an economical way of marketing your business, and you can have high returns with it. You can use your blog section for promoting your new products, upcoming launches, business updates, festive sales, etc. You only need to create the content piece, and here you go, all your readers will know about your offering for free.

Your readers will also tell it to others, and you get “word-of-mouth” marketing for free. So, you must add a blog to your website if you need a cost-saving marketing platform.


Now you know the importance of business blogging and why you should consider it for your website. So, add a blog, connect with your audience, and analyse the results.

Remember, focus on the content quality, full of real-facts, legitimate information, attractive graphics & relevant videos to make it more engaging and have the potential benefits from the blogs.

To know more about content marketing or any other digital marketing consultation, you can reach our digital marketing agency. Because, here you have an opportunity to convert that business blogging traffic into qualified leads.

Moreover, if you will be writing your website content, then consider these top 7 tips from professional SEO writers to have favourable responses from both readers and search engines.

Gajendra Singh Rathore
Gajendra Singh Rathore
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